Russia Developing New Hypersonic Weapons

  • Russia has 19 varieties of the electronic warfare systems.
  • Russia used signal jamming systems in Syria.
  • US has not upgraded the electronic warfare systems, that have been used in Iraq.

The Russian army is working on the antidote for the electronic warfare systems. According to the Russian defense experts, the technology is one of a kind and thus far only Russia has it. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Russian army lost the completive edge with the US.

Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin was a Russian and former Soviet politician who served as the first President of Russia from 1991 to 1999.

The US became number 1 in the every area of defense, while Boris Yeltsin was at the helm of Russia.  Nevertheless, when Vladimir Putin came to power, he slowly started to resurrect the Russian defense sector. Currently, Russia is number one in the world in the hypersonic weapons technology.

Russia also came a long way, when it comes to the high precision strike systems. Lockheed Martin Precision Strike Missile (PrSM). According to the Lochkeed Martin website, Lockheed Martin Successful in all Flight Tests; Met all U.S. Army objectives including controlled trajectory, pin-point accuracy, and lethality while integrating with HIMARS launcher.

Therefore, not only Russia has high precision strike systems and the Kremlin tasked the developers to develop an antidote to the high precision weapons. The Russian minister of defense stated that since 2015, the modern ground based, air based and sea based jamming systems.

In the past 5 years, Russia developed 19 new models of the electronic warfare equipment. Some of the new technology include airplanes and helicopters that were modified to be able to jam the signal in the air. A ground-based electronic warfare system can create a signal of any power, unlike the  radio-electronic means of protection against external influences on the same satellite or aircraft.

The new technology was discussed during the Ministry of Defense meeting on February 26, 2021. Shoigu pointed out that he is very proud of the new Russian technology and its capabilities of interfering with the work of the specific Western control systems. Cleary, the reference to the Western strike systems is about the new US defense technology.

Currently, the Russian Army has over 1000 units of the electronic warfare stations. This summer new training exercises will be  utilizing the electronic warfare equipment. The exercises will entail the joint use of electronic warfare equipment and complexes of inter-specific groups of troops, the actions of electronic warfare units when breaking through the air defense system and repelling massive missile and air strikes.

Sergey Kuzhugetovich Shoygu is a Russian politician and General of the Army who has served as Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation and as Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Defense of the CIS since 2012.

It should be noted, Russia already tested the electronic warfare systems in Syria. Previously, there have been reports of the signal jamming in the certain parts of Syria. NATO  closely monitors this technology in Syria, as the aforementioned technology gives Russia an upper hand in Syria.

One of the Russian defense experts pointed out that “in recent decades, a powerful information component has clearly emerged in the picture of combined arms combat,” he said.  These are means of communication and data transmission, target designation, guidance of high-precision weapons, data exchange between unmanned aerial vehicles and ground intelligence processing stations. All of these are primary targets for electronic warfare and suppression equipment.”

The new electronic warfare systems are capable of conducting the radio-technical reconnaissance, calculate the radio frequencies of the enemy’s communication channels and then form signals that are used as noise reduction or impact on the electronics themselves. With the help of ultra-high-frequency radiation of the millimeter range, it is possible to burn out the radio-electronic components of missiles, aircraft, and drones.

Overall, Russia is not the only one that is using the electronic warfare technology. US has been using these systems in Iraq and have had the technology available since the Operation Dessert Storm. On January 16, 1991, President George H. W. Bush announced the start of what would be called Operation Desert Storm—a military operation to expel occupying Iraqi forces from Kuwait, which Iraq had invaded and annexed months earlier. At the same time, US has not been upgrading this technology at a rapid speed. The US technology is expected be upgraded and US is working on the microwave weapons.

In conclusion, the electronic warfare race between the US and Russia is on.

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