Russia- Norway Senior Diplomat Declared “Person Non Grata”

  • Norway senior diplomat ordered to leave Russia by Monday.
  • Russian diplomat was expelled from Oslo last week.
  • Norwegian researcher has been detained in Russia.

The Russian Foreign Ministry announced the expulsion of the senior diplomat from the Norwegian Embassy in Moscow. The ambassador  was invited to the Russian Foreign Ministry and informed that as a response, one of the senior diplomats of the Norwegian Embassy was also declared ‘persona non grata”.

Embassy of Norway in Moscow.

His accreditation in the Russian Federation will be void by Monday. Hence, it gives the diplomat three days to leave Russia. The Russian Foreign Ministry also noted  “the destructive line pursued by the Norwegian authorities inevitably negatively affects the atmosphere of bilateral relations.”

The statement is published on the official site of the Russian Foreign Ministry. It states “In connection with the unfriendly action of the Norwegian authorities, who declared the Russian diplomat persona non grata on August 18 this year, on August 28, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway in Moscow R. Resaland.”

The action is the retaliation  after the Russian Diplomat was expelled from the Norway last week. This case stems from the Norwegian Security Service making a public announcement pertaining the arrest of the Norwegian national, who was detained on the August 15th.

He is charged with transmitting information to a foreign state that “may harm the fundamental interests of Norway.” The charge of treason carries up to a 15-year prison sentence.

The Russian diplomat identified as the Russian intelligence officer by the Norway is Alexander Stekolshikov. He held a post of the Deputy Trade Representative within the Russian Embassy in Oslo.

The Norwegian researcher has been charged in Russia. He was detained by the Russian Border Services during routine inspection of his luggage in the Moscow airport.

The Norwegian scientist  traveled from  Arkhangelsk to St. Petersburg. There were 76 samples of the Russian nationals hair. The  hair  was stored in the individual envelopes and was  obtained  from the medical students on the volunteer bases. The hair was needed for  the “Russian mega-project” that is managed by one of the universities of Arkhangelsk.

The researcher planned to take the hair to Scotland for analysis. Russia confiscated the hair and also charged the researcher. It is highly likely, the items would be prohibited and due to the non-declaration. The first is a criminal matter, the latter of the  non-declaration would be under Administrative Code of the Russian Federation.

The Svalbard Norwegian Archipelago.

There are also allegations from the Russian scientists  that Norwegian authorities restrict their  access to certain territories in the Svalbard archipelago. This statement was made by the Vladimir Pavlenko, Director Of the center for Arctic research of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Svalbard is a Norwegian archipelago between mainland Norway and the North Pole. One of the world’s northernmost inhabited areas, it’s known for its rugged, remote terrain of glaciers and frozen tundra sheltering polar bears.

The  scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences who work in the archipelago mentioned the restriction access occurring for the few years in the Norwegian controlled areas. This hinders the work of archaeologists, historians, biographers, and research on minerals and natural resources.

Overall, there will be more incidents that will take place between Norway and Russia. Currently, the international relations between Norway and Russia are strained.

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