Russia Started Production Of Mi-35P Phoenix Attack Helicopter

  • Rostvertol has been producing helicopters designed by the Mil design bureau since 1956.
  • Rostvertol is producing the new helicopter.
  • It has been modified with high end electronic equipment.

Russia announced mass production of the modified helicopter. The successor of the “Crocodile” received a new sighting system that expands the impact capabilities in the dark.  The first mass production of the Mi-35P Phoenix transport and attack helicopter started in the 2018.

Russian Rosvertol Plant.

The machine is assembled at the Rosvertol plant, which is part of the Russian Helicopters holding. Rosvertol of Rostov-on-Don is one of Russia is leading manufacturer of combat helicopters and heavy civilian transport helicopters. Rostvertol has been producing helicopters designed by the Mil design bureau since 1956 and is a world leader in the manufacture of heavy-lift helicopters.

Moreover, the Mi-24 modification retained the advantages of the Crocodile ,which were supplemented with new radio-electronic equipment. The Mi-35P inherited the power structure and armor protection scheme from its progenitor, so it is difficult to distinguish it from the Mi-24 outwardly.

The main changes have been done to the  electronics. “Phoenix” received a survey and sighting station with a third-generation thermal imaging camera.

It is complemented by a laser rangefinder, and a camera with a high-resolution matrix. With the new “3+” generation night vision goggles, the Mi-35P can hit a target at a distance of 6.2 in the dark.

Like the Mi-24, the novelty is armored with steel plates and armored glass. Active protection of the vehicle is provided by a screen-exhaust device that reduces the temperature of the helicopter’s exhaust gases, which will reduce visibility for missiles with a thermal homing head.

Additionally, the Mi-35P can be equipped with a protective complex with a laser station. It has capabilities to  record the launch of enemy missiles, and knock them off course with a laser beam.

The Phoenix propeller received aluminum blades with integrated protection against destruction and icing. Thus, a conductive fabric is integrated into the blades, which prevents icing by heating. In addition, each blade is filled with nitrogen, the loss of which when the screw is destroyed will allow technicians to carry out timely replacement. The procedure for replacing one blade takes no more than an hour.

Furthermore, the Mi-35P universal soldier is equipped with a pair of TV3-117VMA engines with a total take-off power of 4,400 HP. This results in a maximum speed of 208 mi /h, and a cruising speed of 161.5 mi /h with a dynamic ceiling of 2.7 miles. Without outboard fuel tanks, the Mi-35P has a range of 279 miles.

At the same time, the attack helicopter can still carry cargo weighing up to 1.5 tons, or eight paratroopers with three stretchers. You can expand the helicopter’s load capacity by using an external suspension that allows you to transport up to 2.4 tons of cargo.

MI-35P Helicopter

The crew of the Phoenix consists of three people. In the rear cabin, there is a commander’s seat that controls the performance of General flight tasks. It is accessed by an on-board technician located in the cargo cabin. The pilot-operator responsible for targeting and searching for targets is located in the lower cabin of the” Standard ” mi-35P armament includes a double-barreled GSH-23L gun, and blocks of unguided s-8 missiles.

Additionally, the Phoenix Arsenal can be expanded with suspended containers with 23-mm guns, nurs S-13 blocks, and ATGM – “Attack” or ” Vortex-1»”Vortex-1M”. This information became available via Rosvertal portal.

The high power capacity of the Mi-35P, coupled with a wide range of weapons, makes it a universal helicopter for modern conflicts. Given that the mi-24 modifications are in service in several dozen countries, the Phoenix may be in demand on the export market.

The Mi-24 attack helicopter has been produced since 1971. During this time, more than 3,500 vehicles were produced, which are in service with 60 countries at different times, the Mi-24 set an absolute record for speed, rate of climb, and flight range.

Overall, it is a solid quality equipment with a strong track record.

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