Russia Testing New Super Weapons

  • The new weapons system will be virtually undetectable.
  • The launch will be instantaneous after the order is given by Putin.
  • It can destroy an entire military base in one strike.

Russia announced that it started testing a super weapon that can deliver a global strike on any country in the world. The statement may be over ambitious, but given the released image and description, this is a very scary and dangerous technology.  The Ministry of Defense described the weapons’ capabilities.

The Strategic Missile Forces or Strategic Rocket Forces of the Russian Federation or RVSN RF are a military branch of the Russian Armed Forces that controls Russia’s land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs). The RVSN was first formed in the Soviet Armed Forces, and when the USSR collapsed in December 1991, it effectively changed its name from the Soviet to the Russian Strategic Rocket Forces or Strategic Missile Troops.

According to announcement, the weapon can strike every corner of the planet within a few minutes of the order by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Additionally, it is impossible to detect the weapon. The new technology is capable of defeating an entire enemy fleet, destroying a military base and even able to hit command posts.

There are also possibilities of the new weapon hitting adversaries’ air assets. To do so, the weapon would be equipped with special combat modules, which would be mounted on the 20 and 40 foot containers.

It should be noted that the system fits in the container, and can be postponed and dropped off anywhere in the world. The container is undetectable, and looks like a regular civilian shipping container with goods. It would be impossible to immediately identify what is in it.

This announcement comes a day after Russia leaked information pertaining to Barguzin. According to the Russian media, Barguzin will be a “lightweight” rocket, which is included in an ordinary railroad car, and can launch on any section of the railway. Hence, it would be masked as a civilian train. Furthermore, the new weapon system will be able to accommodate storage and transport of the anti-ship, anti-aircraft and other type of missiles.

The most dangerous part for NATO is that it is impossible to predict where the container with weapons is located. At the same time, a ship equipped with a combat module with cruise missiles can be located only a few dozen miles from NATO military bases, in one of the US ports, or even in the open ocean.

The RS-27 or SS-X-32Zh Barguzin BZhRK Project is a rail-mobile intercontinental ballistic missile under development for the Russian RVSN, as a replacement of the previous railway missile train Molodets BZhRK SS-24 Scalpel. BZhRK stands for railway strategic missile train.

Therefore, any time the UK detects a Russian ship and looses track of its travel, it could be equipped with the weapons for storage near the UK. Last week, Britain announced that it lost track of a Russian submarine in the English channel on Sunday. The submarine no longer could be tracked or detected. The submarine that was lost by British radar is the Krasnodar, which is a class Varshvyanka submarine, also known as Project 636.

The testing of this system is expected to be completed by December. The system is expected to enter service by 2022. It is plausible to expect it might be even completed ahead of schedule.

One of the concerning parts of such weapons technology is that the launch of such missiles would be instantaneous after an order is given. It is a weapon of mass destruction, and will immediately release short and medium range missiles. If, in fact, it is not grandstanding by Russia, this is dangerous technology for the whole world. This means restart of 1970s Cold War acute phase.

It is a very dangerous trajectory for the world and NATO needs to immediately develop strategy to address a new threat.

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