Russia to Classify Defense Information?

  • The new proposal also suggests criminal charges to anyone who would disobey and provide Russian innovation information or announcement.
  • The proposal is expected to be discussed this fall.
  • if such a proposal passes and become the law, Putin will no longer be able to scare the world with his super weapons.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation made an official proposal to classify information about the defense sector, which is not a state secret, as confidential, and make it an official secret. This is according to the draft of the military department to amend the law “on defense.”

Manufacturing of the first Ka-52 airframe began in mid-1996. In February 2018, the Russian Ministry of Defence expressed an interest to purchase additional 114 Ka-52s within the new State Armament Program for 2018–2027.

As of late, there are almost weekly new announcements of the new technology pertaining to the defense sector. This week, the new announcement was pertaining to the KA-52M completing its first flight.

Furthermore, an explanatory note published on the portal of legal information on August 14, 2020 said:

“It is proposed that information generated during the implementation of measures in the field of defense, and does not constitute a state secret, be classified at the legislative level as confidential.”

It should be noted that the authors of the document believe that this rule will allow the establishment of restrictions on the dissemination of this information for all federal executive bodies, federal state bodies, state authorities of the Russian Federation, local authorities, organizations and citizens of the country.

Additionally, it will also restrict information to the West about Russian capabilities. The question ponders, what about Putin’s grandstanding game? The military department said in its explanations:

“The mass media organizations of the Russian Federation periodically publish official information concerning the organization of state defense, in terms of creating weapons and military equipment, financial status and economic activities, etc. Measures taken within the framework of the legislation of the Russian Federation to restrict access to information in the field of defense (including in relation to the state defense order) that is not classified as a state secret in accordance with the established procedure do not allow to fully restrict its distribution in open sources.”

Sergey Shoygu is a Russian politician and General of the Army who has served as Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation and as Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Defense of the CIS since 2012.

It seems that would also cover the Russian patent database, given the verbiage.

The Russian Defense Ministry believes that information about the defense sector should be protected and classified for a minimum of 50 years. According to the document, it is assumed that the prepared draft list of information constituting official secrets in the field of defense will be approved by the country’s leadership.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation proposes to establish administrative and disciplinary responsibility for the disclosure of such information, including long term prison sentences, if the information is disclosed by anyone, including journalists. The draft document says:

“Official secrets in the field of defense include information generated when Federal Executive authorities of the Russian Federation, Federal state bodies, Executive authorities of the subjects of the Russian Federation, local governments, organizations and citizens exercise their powers and functions in the field of defense, as well as measures to organize and ensure defense, the dissemination of which may harm the defense capability of the state.”

Overall, if such a proposal passes and become the law, Putin will no longer have a trump card, by instilling fear in the world with his “super” weapons  announcements.

For now, it is still in the stage of the proposal. It is likely the outcome of it will be known by the end of this year.

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