Russian Military Tests New Generation Equipment

  • The new technology facilitates the data exchange and fire correction in real time.
  • The new concept includes network centric warfare, which implies that all participants in battle are unified into one information network.
  • It is not surprising that Russia is testing the new defense equipment.

The Russian military, for the first time, used the mobile division ACS MTSA-3-M2. The training was conducted in the Bryansk region. The maneuvers were conducted by the gunners of the Yelninsky Motorized Rifle Division. An estimated 500 military personnel were said to have participated.

The press release from the Russian Western Military District stated

“For the first time, the gunners have worked out the use of the self-propelled division of the self-propelled guns MTSA-S-M2 in a unified fire control system in the Bryansk region. The crews of the MTSA-S-M2 self-propelled howitzers used the equipment of the unified tactical control system (ESU TZ), installed for data exchange and fire adjustment in real time.”

The training went as expected and was successfully completed.

Bryansk Oblast is a federal subject of Russia (an oblast). Its administrative center is the city of Bryansk. As of the 2010 Census, its population was 1,278,217.

Furthermore, the new concept includes network centric warfare, which implies that all participants in battle are unified into one information network. Hence, it allows for a precise intelligence collection and coordination management of Russian troops and weapons. Proponents of this approach consider it critical to achieve information superiority over the enemy.

According to the press release, “together with the automated removal of the spent cartridge case and the navigation system, the servicemen were able to achieve a rate of fire of up to ten rounds per minute.”

The new technology allows transmission of information from the guidance and control devices, while allowing the division command to analyze and solve the problems at hand. Howitzer fire was corrected with the help of drones and reconnaissance systems.

The ESU TZ equipment was developed by Constellation Concern, which is part of the Roselektronika holding of the Rostec State Corporation. In addition, the MTSA howitzers are equipped with the new T-90M “breakthrough” tanks.

Rostec, officially the State Corporation for Assistance to Development, Production and Export of Advanced Technology Industrial Product Rostec, is a Russian state-owned holding conglomerate headquartered in Moscow that specializes in consolidating in strategically important companies, mainly in the defense and high-tech industries, by assisting in the development, production and export with the ultimate goal of capitalizing them and bringing them to an initial public offering (IPO).

“MTSA-S” were designed to destroy tactical nuclear weapons, artillery and mortar batteries, tanks, other armored vehicles, anti-tank weapons, manpower, air defense and missile defense systems, and control points. They were also designed to destroy field fortifications and hinder the maneuvers of enemy reserves in the depth of its defense.

It can fire at observed and unobserved targets from closed positions and direct fire, including working in mountainous conditions. When firing, both shots from the ammunition pack and those fed from the ground are used, without loss in the rate of fire.

Moreover, the reloading system allows it to fire at any angle of guidance in the direction and elevation of the gun with the maximum rate of fire without returning the gun to the loading line. The mass of the projectiles exceeds 42 kg, so as to facilitate the loader to function from the warhead, it has an automatic feed.

The mechanism for feeding charges is semi-automatic. The design of the ammunition racks allows it to place all the standard types of shells, and the search for the right one and control the entire loading process is carried out by the control system of the loading mechanism. In addition, it counts and records the number of shots of the corresponding type.

Overall, it is not surprising that Russia is testing the new defense equipment. This year, there will be a myriad of the new military equipment entering service in Russia. The Kremlin is allocating a large amount of funding into the defense sector.

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