Russian Opposition Locked Away

  • Alexey Navalny had two hearings on February 20, 2021.
  • The judge reviewed his appeal and he was given 2.7 years sentence instead of 2.8 years.
  • It is plausible, Navalny could end up with the new charges in the near future.

On February 20th, Alexey Navalny had two court hearings. Alexey Navalny returned to Russia in January 2021 and has been detained at the Moscow airport. Subsequently, he was given a prison sentence of the 2.8 years. Navalny legal team appealed the sentence and on February 20th, his appeal was heard.

Alexe Navalny is a Russian convict and the leader of the Russian opposition.

The judge reviewed his appeal and he was given 2.7 years sentence instead of 2.8 years. Therefore, Navalny appeal only netted him a win of the one month less.

It should be noted, while Navalny wife obtained special permission to transport Navalny to Germany, he was under probation. Hence, in reality, when he travelled to Siberia prior to him being in coma, the probation parameters were violated.

Navalny has never been to Russian prison and he might not fare well, given the fact that he likes controversy. The prison hierarchy does not like Navalny style of antics.

He will also have hard time serving his term, as now he is considered highly likely to attempt to break out from prison.

It is plausible, Navalny could end up with the new charges in the near future. There is a pending fraud case that is being investigated pertaining the donations to the Navalny FBK fund.

It is also plausible, that Navalny could eventually get treason charges as well. This week one of the Russian nationals has been charged with treason, who has a connection to the Bundestag.

Furthermore, the second court hearing was held the same day, in the case of Navalny making defamatory comments against the World War II veteran. The court found him guilty and he was fined. If this scenario happened after the new law, Navalny could have been convicted with an additional prison term.

The old law only had provisions for the monetary fines. At the same time, many condemned Navalny antics towards the veteran, even the loyal opposition. Youtube channels stated that Navalny made a mistake, when he was given an opportunity to apologize.

In addition, the independent poll from the Levada Center conducted a poll, which showed Navalny loosing support by an additional 6%. His approval rating in Russia is at 20%. However, this numbers can go down again.

The Levada Center is a Russian independent, nongovernmental polling and sociological research organization recognized as a foreign agent under the 2012 Russian foreign agent law. It is named after its founder, the first Russian professor of sociology Yuri Levada.

The West will implement more sanctions against Russia, in hopes that the sanctions will lead to the economic stagnation and in turn Putin support will drop. Nevertheless, the sanctions have been implemented against Russia since 2014. Last year, Russia revealed the record exports numbers in the energy sector.

The EU member nations demand for Navalny to be released. Nevertheless, EU does not have jurisdiction over the Russian judicial system.

The president of Russia Vladimir Putin.

The new constitution amendments that were passed last year, specifically state e) set out part 6 in the following wording: 51. ” Acts or their separate provisions recognized as unconstitutional shall lose their force; international treaties of the Russian Federation that do not comply with the Constitution of the Russian Federation shall not be put into effect and applied.

Acts or their separate provisions recognized as constitutional in the interpretation given by the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation are not subject to application in other interpretation.” That means any arguments set by the EU in this case will be mute in Russia.

Overall, it is possibility that EU will go to far and Russia will cut off all ties with the EU. As much as it could hurt Russia, it would hurt the EU.

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