Russian President Vladimir Putin View on Belarus and Censorship

  • Putin does not like Lukashenko.
  • Vladimir Putin does not want to see Svetlana Tikhanovskaya to be the president of Belarus.
  • Belarus have been censoring and editing Russian shows.

The Russian political strategist Stanislav Belkovsky made a statement pertaining Belarus on Ukraine 24 channel during a live event. Belkovsky highlighted the fact that Putin does not like the current president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, Lukashenko has been disloyal and previously has  been playing multiple sides for personal gain.

Stanislav Alexandrovich Belkovsky is a Russian political analyst and communication specialist. He is a founder and director of the National Strategy Institute. He considers himself to be of Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and Jewish ethnicity.

Lukashenko kept inviting Western nationals to the Belarus and has been telling the Kremlin that Belarus does not need Russian support. Nevertheless, when the protests started after the rigged presidential election in August 2020, suddenly Lukashenko remembered his “love” for Russia.

However, Putin does not want to see Belarus plagued into chaos with the protests and the proxy Tikhanovskaya running the show.

According to the Belkovsky, the Russian president Vladimir Putin does not want the new president of Belarus to be Svetlana Tikhanovskaya or another individual who will come to power as a result of  the foreign funded revolution.

The statement is not surprising, Tikhanovskaya is  a poor speaker even in  her own native tongue and has zero experience accomplishing anything in life. If it wasn’t for her skilled advisors, she would remain unknown. At present, she gained popularity via her “political activism.”

Moreover, Putin does not like  revolutions and governments that come to power in the wake of revolutions. Instead, according to the expert, it would be advantageous for the Russian Federation to put a Russian businessman of Belarusian origin Dmitry Mazepin, who heads the Uralkali holding, as the country’s Prime Minister. Uralkali is a Russian potash fertilizer producer and exporter.

“He was born in Minsk and is perceived as an intermediary between the  Lukashenko and Russian business circles,” Belkovsky said, adding that Mazepin is also an informal representative of the Kremlin in negotiations with Minsk on economic and business issues.

Additionally, Belarusian KGB started censoring certain segments of the Russian Sunday Evening with Vladimir Solovyov on the Russia 1 channel.

Vladimir Solovyov is a Russian high-profile propagandist, television and radio host. He is best known being an anchor on the television show Sunday evening with Vladimir Solovyov on Russia-1.

In Belarus, Solovyov’s episodes and other shows have been re-edtited:

1) The disappearance of the information pertaining the Wagner group members arrests in Belarus. The Wagner Group is an unofficial armed formation that was founded by Dmitry Utkin, a former commander of the GRU special forces unit of the Russian Defense Ministry, the criticism of the Lukashneko by Soloviev and humor pertaining his governance.

2) Vladimir Solovyov’s  criticism and irony about Lukashenko disappeared.

3) The actor who played Lukashenko in the Russian TV series Ostrov  is banned from Belarus.  Ostrov is a comedy genre TV series that have been running since 2016.

4) The parody of the Lukashenko by the KVN has been cut and banned. KVN is a Soviet and then Russian humour TV show and an international competition where teams compete by giving funny answers to questions and showing prepared sketches, that originated in the Soviet Union. The programm was first aired by the First Soviet Channel on November 8, 1961.

Overall, it shows Lukashenko insecurities and paranoia. The comedy shows are meant to be just that a comedy. In the democratic society there shouldn’t be any restrictions on the artistic expression. Hence, it is clear Lukashenko is a dictator.

In conclusion, the Kremlin will support Lukashenko until the new leader is elected, but it is clear to everyone Lukashenko days as a president of Belarus are numbered.

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