Samsung Announces New Head of B2B Division

  • The Samsung B2B segment has over 15,000 clients.
  • The Galaxy Tab Active3 is the latest B2B device.
  • AppStack offers Samsung B2B apps.

Samsung has announced John Curtis as the new head of its B2B Mobility Channel division. Curtis was previously vice president of sales in the company’s North American Samsung Business segment. He takes over from Mike Coleman who will be departing from the firm.

Among the company’s biggest successes is the Chromebook product.

“We have a new channel leader in the B2B mobile division, John Curtis, and we look forward to introducing him to you soon,” the firm said in a statement on Friday.

Curtis will be steering the company’s B2B venture to greater heights.

While Samsung is renowned for its consumer electronics products, little is known about its B2B enterprise solutions portfolio.

About the B2B Segment

According to recent figures released by the tech giant, its B2B bureau has installed over one billion Samsung devices for its clients. Collectively, there are approximately 15,000 business organizations across the globe that subscribe to its B2B products. The US market reportedly accounts for about 40 percent of the revenues.

Among the main catalysts of growth is the focus on mobility. As underlined by former Mobility Channel Chief Mike Coleman last year, mobility solves many unique problems when working in the field, especially now that coronavirus has made workplaces more decentralized.

“I think there’s a tremendous opportunity for partners that may or may not have focused on a mobility strategy. And when I say mobility, that can be a laptop, a Chromebook, a tablet, a wearable, a phone–a device that solves a problem. It is not simply a personal device, it’s really a tool for work,” he said.

Samsung’s portable B2B solutions are being used in sectors such as transport, healthcare, education, and logistics. Among the company’s biggest successes is the Chromebook product.

The cloud software marketplace allows businesses to spend less time on application development.

Some of its B2B devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2, are, for example, being used as solutions for ELD tracking.

The Galaxy Tab Active3 is the latest B2B-tailored device. It is a rugged tablet designed to withstand harsh everyday rigors.

Its B2B use cases include routing, workflow, and diagnostics via SaaS apps.

Enhancing Convenience

The need to enhance convenience among clients is key among current drivers of Samsung’s B2B product growth.

A number of healthcare providers currently use Samsung Monitoring devices to routinely check whether their patients are getting better and adhering to treatment guidelines through automated feedback. This has reportedly lowered readmission rates in some healthcare institutions.

Samsung’s innovative B2B solutions have also helped some healthcare providers such as Kaiser Permanente to unveil home-based cardiac recovery solutions.

A Marketplace for B2B Apps

To boost its B2B app offerings, the tech giant recently created an app marketplace dubbed AppStack.

The cloud software marketplace allows businesses to spend less time on application development and gain greater access to a wide variety of business-tailored software.

The platform is geared towards providing critical B2B SaaS applications for enterprises.

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