Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn Violates the Supreme Court

  • No matter the reason a woman chooses to have an abortion, and believe me, I know it's a tough choice, no woman chooses to have an abortion.
  • Recently in Texas, a person has been going to Texas cities trying to get the local city councils to pass an ordinance that would make the town a sanctuary city for unborn kids.
  • The full text of the ordinance is listed below.

I have followed Anti-Abortion rants and people claiming that due to religion, they can deny abortions to women, no matter the reason that the woman is getting an abortion. Whether it be because of the woman:

  • Is having complications with their pregnancy
  • The child will have conditions that will lead to a struggle to live for the child
  • The pregnancy is from a rape
  • It was an unwanted pregnancy
  • Or the mother may die if they continue their pregnancy

No matter the reason a woman chooses to have an abortion, and believe me, I know it’s a tough choice, no woman chooses to have an abortion, they are kinda forced into having one either because of their health, a pregnancy from rape, or whatever, they do not make this decision lightly, this is a major decision, and they only make this decision as a last resort.

Recently in Texas, a person (Dickson) has been going to Texas cities trying to get the local city councils to pass a sanctuary city for the unborn ordinance that would make the town a sanctuary city for unborn kids, banning abortion in the town.

The ordinances have passed in Colorado City, Texas and Big Spring, Texas, and Multiple other cities have it on their agendas for future meetings.

This guy goes to these towns on behalf of the local churches, he has never been married, does not have any children, and doesn’t know the reasons a woman may have an abortion.

I have campaigned that I want to make sure the state does not take control of local Governments, but I have campaigned that I will expose and stop corruption and any level of our Government,

These council members passed the ordinances, even with a public outcry against it, and several protests, only because this man presented it and the local churches were on board with it.

With Roe V Wade the supreme court protected a woman’s right to an abortion, these cities are going against the supreme court, which is the ultimate law in the USA. Their defense for this, well, we are enacting policies so when Roe V Wade is reversed and repealed, then we will have a policy set in place.

Also, there is a thing called the Separation of Church and State, which states the government should not enact laws against or base their laws on religion, and they are not supposed to allow religion to influence their laws and proceedings.

These city councils have violated both the Separation of Church and State, along with going against the supreme court. This is corruption

Along with banning abortions in Big Spring, and other cities that are enacting this ordinance, it allows a neighbor, friend, mother, son, husband, or anyone to sue the woman or the person taking the woman getting an abortion, with no statute of limitations on lawsuits.

This allows the citizens to take on abortion at a city level and will cost millions of dollars in lawsuits, etc. Not to mention the millions of dollars the city has to pay for people suing to reverse this ordinance, the mayor even included a byline that says the mayor can change, or reword the ordinance without approval, so this means, the mayor can rewrite it in the even of a lawsuit and the ordinance would still be in place, costing more money in needless lawsuits.

The ordinance along with Big Springs Agenda posted for the meeting where the passed this ordinance can be found here:

The full text of the ordinance is listed below in layman terms:


A – 1-5 is the city’s definition of what abortion is. This is not within the powers of the city limits, this is the power of the federal government

B – The city can not define what murder is. That is up to the federal government and the state.

B-4. The Supreme Court is law of the land it is not a matter of opinion if you agree or not. It is law of the land

C – Look at public health facts as in high-risk pregnancy. This ordinance would put their care in jeopardy.

C-2 Our hospitable and Doctors within the hospital would be effected. The care they give could also be effected specifically to high-risk pregnancies. Cost for patients would go up do to malpractice insurance having to go up to cover. Health professional’s hands are tied when it comes to what they can to for a woman who is having complications because of the definitions and if they could be more easily sued due to ordinance. The implication of “assistance” could put nurses at risk of illegal acts through said ordinance for doing their job. Under the definitions in the section, abortions do happen all the time in this town at our hospital. This ordinance would criminalize women who have to choose between their life and the baby’s life. This would then criminalize doctors/nurses/pharmacists for doing their job.

C-2 this is where the city is opening the door to women suing the city for limiting their healthcare, effecting her care, or from the doctors in putting their hands in a bind.

C -4 This would include prohibiting organizations like the ACLU who help procure planned parenthood. This would also put local lawyers at a disadvantage of not being able to take cases dealing with women’s healthcare. This would stop even just a health clinic of any kind that makes referrals or has ties to abortion clinics, meaning planned parenthood health clinic couldn’t come here to help the uninsured because they “have ties” with abortion clinics.

E – as soon as this is signed someone can be sued that day. It’s enforceable immediately through the private sector.

Qui tam- turns all of the big spring citizens into bounty hunters. This means ANYONE not JUST family members can sue a woman on behalf of the city. They can also sue ANY doctor/nurse/pharmacist/lawyer that may be suspected of representing a client that he had an abortion. This turns the town against each other.

F – The available right is unconditional. The mayor allows himself the right to rewrite the ENTIRE ordinance as he/she sees fit WITHOUT ANY approval need, at ANY time.

To sever any part of this ordinance we would have to go to court through a lawsuit. Meaning the city could be sued over and over until the entire ordinance word for word phrase for the phrase was deemed unconstitutional.

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Addison Perry-Franks

Addison Perry-Franks is a proud Texan and Scurry County resident, active in her community. She has built a thriving small business that has successfully delivered IT solutions to national retail chains since 2008. She came out as transgender in May 2018 and has been happily married to her wife, Lacey for 11 years.  They have five children. Addison is also running in 2020 for Texas House of Representatives, District 83.Facebook: https://www.facebook.comWebsite:   https://addison4tx.comDonation link:

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