Second Louisiana Coronavirus Death – New Orleanians Still Partying

  • The second coronavirus death occurred in New Orleans Sunday, March 15, 2020.
  • Global Leader Greshun De Bouse states, "Residents are not taking this seriously. They know the virus is rampant in the state, and especially New Orleans. Yet, New Orleanians still partied like it was 1999 over this past weekend."
  • Mayor Cantrell of New Orleans says, "People aren't taking the coronavirus warnings seriously and should increase social distancing."

Louisiana is in a coronavirus crisis. The number of confirmed presumptive cases is now up to 103 from 77 just hours ago.  There are now three confirmed presumptive cases in Shreveport, up from one case merely a day ago. Sadly, in the last 24 hours a second death occurred in New Orleans.  Governor John Bell Edwards issued this statement in response:

Sadly, we have lost our second Louisianan to COVID-19.  We ask the state to join us in sending prayers to the family members and friends who are going through this difficult time. As the number of positive cases continues to rise, we need every person to take the necessary actions to help reduce the spread of this virus. It is an extremely serious situation that demands all of our attention. Our elderly and those with chronic health conditions are the most vulnerable, but we all need to act responsibly and look out for ourselves and our neighbors. 

Once more we asked Global leader and Louisianian Greshun De Bouse to weigh in on the coronavirus crises there. Her statements are eye opening and impactful:

Global Leader Greshun De Bouse.

Sadly, in the city where we have the most confirmed presumptive cases of coronavirus and now two coronavirus deaths, residents are not taking this seriously.  They know the virus is rampant in the state, and especially New Orleans. Yet, New Orleanians still partied like it was 1999 over this past weekend.

Coronavirus is circulating in the city, the state.  Many are infected, but not yet confirmed. Thus, I am certain that the weekend partiers contributed to increased spread of coronavirus. The SunHerald reports Even Mayor Cantrell of New Orleans says “People aren’t taking the coronavirus warnings seriously and should increase social distancing.” 

This is bad. CDC instructions and that of the mayor must be adhered to. In communications with Louisianians today, I learned their outlook is somewhat grim because they feel our leaders do not have the handle on this coronavirus situation.  Many have great concerns that the tents being erected by military in downtown Shreveport are covert ‘mind-control’ sites disguised as something else.

Persons under forced quarantine from work have been inquiring how they will produce income. Stores are literally bare, and I have heard a massive childcare facility closure may ensue; we just do not know when.  This is unbelievable.

With no school or childcare, I do not know how working parents will be able to function as normal. Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins has made public transportation-Sportran-available to all school-aged children M-F from 6 am-2 pm so they may retrieve free breakfast/lunch from schools, and take care of essential things only.  However, the mayor discourages kids from utilizing the free transportation unnecessarily. At least this is one solution to parents concerned about how kids would obtain meals from schools.

Coronavirus is no joke. It can and will kill, irrespective of age or health condition-something just learned from cases of very elderly recovering, and young with no health conditions near death.

Thanks to Greshun De Bouse always for keeping us up to date.  We plan to continue providing coverage on this story as it develops.

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