Secular vs. Religious

  • Unlike other professionals there are a much larger percentage of doctors that believe in God.
  • It can be seen in science that there is a unity which is the source of creation.
  • The secular live and work exclusively in a physical world. The religious have two worlds.

When came Freedom also came a separation between religious and secular. There were times that the religious leaders were in power and their nations were dictatorships. There was always opposition within their nations to religious rule. The opposition came from secularists in the nation who were doctors, scientists, philosophers and politicians. In a secular community the most honor is given by the people to the doctors and politicians. In a religious community the religious leaders receive first honor even before medical doctors and politicians.

The Bible gives permission to a doctor to heal the sick. The permission is related to the passage in Exodus 21:18 “If two men fight and one man injures the other man, he is obligated to pay the doctor’s bill.” In Exodus 15:26 it states, ”I am the Lord that heals you.” These two passage contradict each other. If God promises to be the healer of the sick there should be no reason to go to a doctor. Even more so today the best of doctors are humanitarian’s agnostics or atheists. They respect religion but don’t believe.

In Judaism it is sometimes preferred to go to a doctor who is not Jewish when his skills excel the Jewish doctor. In matters of danger to life, there are no questions about going to a doctor whether the doctor is secular, Jewish or not Jewish. A Jew according to Jewish law is prohibited to work on the Sabbath which includes riding in his car. When there is a danger to life he is allowed to desecrate the Sabbath to save a life. In Jewish communities today there are special medics and ambulance services run by the Jewish community that are active on the Sabbath. Only in certain cases according to Jewish law it is forbidden to go to a doctor to save your life if the doctor will require from the patient to bow before a statue, or commit another type of severe sin.

When going to a doctor it should always be remembered that God is the healer of the sick. Healthy and whole people do not need doctors. Sometimes it is best to rely on God and nature rather than doctors. Keep yourself healthy both emotionally and physically by eating healthy, healthy activities, and through joy. Joy with spiritual enrichment is the greatest of all medicines. Rabbi Nachman of Breslov advised his students to stay away from doctors because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The body and the soul have in themselves healing energies. When the four elements earth, fire, water, and air are in balance and through the breath of life and with faith all the diseases which come from evil will not penetrate the body to cause illness. God has promised that through keeping his commandments all the diseases which are in the world called Egypt will not endanger man. Today with the advancement of medicine even preventative medicine is accepted in religious circles with the warning to always remember the passage, “I am the Lord that heals you.” Doctors are considered to be representatives of God the healer even if they are secular. However the Torah gives a warning “The best of doctors will end up in hell,” which means even doctors make mistakes.

Studies have shown that people who live on high income levels are less likely to believe in God. A larger percentage of scientists students of natural sciences are non-believers than doctors. Doctors themselves need strong emotional support since they deal in life and death matters. When a person faces death which a doctor does each day believing in God helps them to continue to fight for lives. A doctor also has the job in strengthening others emotionally who are sick and whose lives are in danger. Even though Doctors are from the upper higher class statistics show that unlike other professionals there are a much larger percentage of doctors that believe in God. Many questions like evolution and plagues that wipe out populations make it difficult for everyone to believe in God.

Psychiatrists unlike other types of doctors are more likely to be non-believers. Psychiatrists unlike psychologists need to disconnect from the power of the mind and soul to connect better with the power of medicine. Psychologists connect to the power of the mind where is the soul. When the power of the soul already cannot hold up the man emotionally, he needs a psychiatrist. Psychiatry has developed medicines which strengthen the mind in the way the mind is strengthened by prayer and faith. Their life experience makes it difficult for them to believe in God, and they sometimes feel that they can be better psychiatrists divorcing themselves from faith in God. Medical doctors which treat the body do not need to look for a substitute for strengthening the mind like psychiatrists. When scientists look at the splendor of God’s creation revealed in the body, mind and in nature it indicates the source is a supreme intellect. Einstein writes, “The word God is no more for me than the expression and product of human weakness.” However he resented to be called an atheist. What does God mean? Is God the source of all creation the source of life? If so scientists can agree that there is one source of life and even to testify that this source is the product of a unity of opposite energies attraction and repulsion, male and female.

Science especially physics opens up the laws of nature and applies these laws in improving life. When they understand natural law and natural science they already can forget about the supernatural. To succeed in their work it may be more advantageous for them to forget about the supernatural altogether. Evolution refutes the biblical concept of creation in seven days. Religion can argue against evolution but science refutes religion. However it can be seen in science that there is a unity which is the source of creation. There is a difference between blind faith in God and knowledge of God gained through self-knowledge that man was created in the image of God. Simple faith is the foundation of religion. Scientists want to know not just to believe.

Religion controlled the world at the time of the Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman Empires which followed the destruction of Zion, the nation of Israel. Freedom has now separated again religion and secular. When religions were at war they were not giving to mankind what God intended them to give which is peace. As a result freedom entered into the world to separate religion and politics. People still need religion. They need faith. Doctors more than other scientists need faith. As a result of the conflict within religions entered into the world a new religion which is freedom. Today we are living in the times of the birth of the Religion of Freedom.

In the Religion of Freedom secular is separated from religion. Secular becomes important to perform its purpose which is usually done through employing technology natural and physical sciences. Religion stands in the background to support mankind to be healthy and whole enjoying the contributions of the secular world agnostics or atheists. Usually the higher class are the secular, and the lower classes are more religious with some exceptions. Especially in politics it is dangerous to mix religion and politics. Politics takes a central place in the secular world. The majority of the world still believes in God and are attached to some religion. Freedom has released the pressures of religion on the masses through reaching a new balance between secular and religious. Until freedom entered into the world to be a cure for the abuse of power of religion, the masses suffered from their religious leaders and their orders. To be religious is sacred, but already people began to use their intellect to understand that a change was needed. People needed to be happy and healthy. Religion was not enough.

Today even in Israel is a secular government. The religious suffer under its control. However the religious do not want to serve in the Israeli army. America is becoming more secular as the gap grows between church and state. This gap has been created by mistrust in religion and the religious exploiting their power. Religion is against freedom but God is not against freedom. Even though God announces in the Bible “I am the Lord that heals you,” he still gives permission for the sick to go to the secular doctor. The secular doctor is the representative of God. In the same way God has initiated a change in the world through bringing freedom and democracy into the world. Even though it has made the world more secular, to believe in freedom means to believe in God. God is freedom and freedom is God. The sages teach, There is no place which is devoid of God. God is everywhere and works in hidden ways. In religion God is more revealed. Behind the secular doctor or scientist God is working secretly. The true faith is to believe in Divine Providence. As was taught by the Baal Shem Tov the founder of Chassidism, even when a blade of grass moves in the wind , it is by divine providence. Freedom is the universal God. It has no boundaries like religion. There still remains a way of life which brings peace between man and man, and between man and God. Peace is the goal of religion. When religions trampled on the goal of peace a new religion was born called freedom. The times are still changing and the world is reaching a new balance between spiritual and material.

Esoteric science in the East and West teach that man is divided into two parts which are two worlds. There is the world of the body which begins from the breast near the heart downward where are the sex organs which is the lower world. From the breast upward begins the spiritual aspect of the world. The soul begins with the breath of life which spreads outward and producing the pounding of the heart and pulse. The soul is primarily in the mind where is the temple of God. Science and technology look only at the lower world which they can measure with their instruments. They have improved physical life in this way. There is also spiritual life which begins in this world and extends into the next world which cannot be measured with a microscope. It depends on faith. Discovering faith is the work of religion and spiritual masters. The secular work is in this world the lower world. The work of spiritual masters is in the upper world beginning from the heart “the love of God” and into the mind and the knowledge of God.

Man and Woman are independent each one a part of God and the soul. In religion the woman takes the role of the lower part of the body of man for the sake of procreation. In the lower world there is a separation between male and female and they are united by marriage. In the upper world they are each independent connected to God through two separate souls. Woman’s liberation has changed these roles which are in religion and makes less of difference between the role of man and the role of female. This can disrupt family life; the children need a mother in the home. In religion there are strict rules and guidelines. Freedom has expanded the role of the woman for good or bad. Gay marriage doesn’t accomplish any of the goals of creation spiritual or material. The way of the monk suppresses almost completely the lower world and its purpose which is procreation and building national unity. The lower world needs the upper world for faith and inner peace. Judaism stresses spiritual life in the lower world making a family and educating the children in Jewish law and modesty. Judaism works to build generations of Jewish men and woman living the Jewish way. There is enrichment from the upper world which is above nature for those Jews and human beings which have the incentive to overcome their natural instincts and give their minds and hearts for the sake Unity of God and Peace.

The secular live and work exclusively in a physical world. The religious have two worlds. Today in all fields of life is stressed specialists. Secularists are the specialists in the science of nature. The religious are not specialists in the world of nature like the secularists. The religion of Freedom teaches respect between secular and religious. Amongst religious there are two types and amongst the secular there are two types. There are religious who are not interested in freedom and prefer the way of worship without the Messiah. Some are completely against the secular and oppose freedom. Even amongst Christians there are Protestant who are waiting for Jesus to come back and Catholics who have accepted Jesus and his resurrection. Amongst the secular there are two types also. There are secular who respect religious values as long as they don’t interfere with their secular work. There are secular against religion who take advantage of freedom to rebel against all religious values. In religion today there are specialists who are the spiritual masters learned in esoteric subjects and practice their religion with complete self-sacrifice. The Lubavitcher Rebbe was an example of this type of Chassidic master.

David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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