See Failure Differently

  • Refuse the labels.
  • Failure does not define you.
  • Fear should never win.

You may have heard or seen people demean/devalue others because they did poorly (academically or life tests generally). You may have experienced it yourself. We live in a world where everyone measures success using almost the same parameter, taking for instance a person who never made an “A” somehow may never be taken serious if he/she stands in front of the class to address other students on that subject.

Someone whose marriage didn’t work out for some reason is not given attention because it’s expected that if you failed at something “how then can you impact?” People who aren’t married are silenced when they want to lend a voice because they have no experience as well.

I still don’t understand how we make so much noise about this when Ephesians and Colossians were written by Paul who never got married ??‍♀️. He gave lots of instructions to married people and everyone screams women be “submissive,” and the author had no experience in this regard?, so it’s not about being married, it is about wisdom)

Now this is the truth!!! Failing at something gives no one the right to label the other as “incapable.” Failing is not tantamount to “lack of common sense,” and neither does it translate into “no brains!” (I hope we get this?). You are not defined by some unfortunate incident, no one should be defined by their failures.

When you fail at something, you simply understand, you are now at a greater advantage to do it again (and keep doing it as much as it requires), you should see it as an opportunity to rewrite your story and make it resounding!

You shouldn’t cow away in fear and feel less fortunate or let anyone demean you and make you feel less! Everyone will most likely fail at something at one point or the other. This does not mean they lack what it takes to succeed. No! Everyone has what it takes to succeed! We all have great abilities and capabilities! We all have the potential to do great exploits. We have the power to reset our failures and turn it around!

Failure is not what it has been defined to mean! As a child learning to walk stumbles and falls (almost all the time) and doesn’t stay down, so should you pick yourself up with every Glory and keep at it till your success story is told?.

Remember failing itself does not limit you, it is what you do with failure that matters! Today I charge you to think differently! Do not accept any labels. No great person in history has a perfect story, some failed at some point, but the difference is that they didn’t stay down! When you fail, pick the lessons and MOVE on! Do not ask the question “why me?” always ask “what do I learn from this?”

Fear should never win♥️.

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Adaobi Ezeadum

A licensed Nigerian Attorney. A Writer and Author.  Passionate about  helping women understand that they can be mastermind of great innovations and that fear should never win.

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