Seller’s Guide – 5 Tips To List Your Property Online

  • Online listings are the best way to make an excellent first impression.
  • Poor user experience, inaccurate information, and bad photography will turn off your prospects.
  • Eliminating friction from your users' online experience will bring your listings to suitable candidates.

Here are five ideas to help you list your property online and enhance your conversion rates.

Be Descriptive

To develop high-quality listings, you need to create detailed descriptions of the single-family home or apartment, besides the surrounding community and your property’s proximity to essential amenities and attractions. Since most users look online first in their search for a home, it is important to give thorough descriptions if you want to capture their interest. You also need to paint a clear picture of what it would be like to live there. Also, list everything upfront to save time and avoid answering repetitive questions later. This step will also ensure that you only get the most qualified leads. If you need help with writing descriptions for your listing, contact professional letting agents.

Experts recommend using keyword phrases that are two to four words long and that ideally identify the neighborhood, city, or state where the listing is located.

Apply Good SEO Practices

To get your listing noticed online, it is crucial to use search engine optimization. Do thorough keyword research and select the right keywords that clearly define your listing so that your target audience will find it in the search results.

Experts recommend using keyword phrases that are two to four words long and that ideally identify the neighborhood, city, or state where the listing is located. Try to figure out what your prospects are most likely searching for, then use that keyword phrase in your marketing materials and listing.

There are many free resources you can employ to find the best keyword that defines your property in a search engine-friendly manner, such as “2-bedroom condo in Del Mar.” Use this phrase in all your marketing materials, particularly in the headline.

Make Photography Your Priority

Humans are highly visual and accustomed to viewing high-quality photographs in advertising. Thus, your listings should be no exception. Most prospects will ignore listings without photos. So, ensure you include at least 15 to 20 photos of the exterior, interior, and communal spaces. It is always better to use more photos. Make an effort and invest in lighting and photography equipment, and learn how to capture excellent images. Below are some tips for taking great photos:

  • Use a tripod to help you capture crisp and non-blurry photos.
  • Shoot on an overcast day because the sun produces lots of shadows.
  • Ensure the curtains in each room are open, and the room is well lit.
  • Before your photo session, declutter and clean the property.
  • Take wide-angle photos. Standing at the corner or in the doorway of a room gives the best perspective.

You need some skill to take great photos. Thus, if you don’t have the resources or time to capture images of all your properties, consider hiring a professional to take the pictures.

Social media is at the heart of marketing in today’s world.

Post Your Listings on Social Media

Social media is at the heart of marketing in today’s world. To capitalize on its power. Maybe you’re not sure how to go about it, and it may be daunting to navigate through the clamor of social media. But most probably, you have a social media account set up. It may be Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, and there you can connect with lots of family, friends, and colleagues.

Create a quick and simple post to let the people in your circle know about your listing and invite any tips on people searching for properties. This is an excellent way to land potential clients.

Use Online Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a simple but effective way to generate traffic for your listing. Choose your budget, then use keywords that include your town and terms such as “2-bedroom apartment” or “condo.” You’ll only be required to pay when users click on your listing. PPC ads are an excellent way to generate traffic quickly. If you have short-term rentals or accept pets, PPC ads can help you get clients searching for apartments like yours.

To attract more renters and expand your reach, use premium services to include your listing among the top pay-to-list sites at the touch of a button. The advantage is you’ll only pay for unique leads, actual people who have shown interest in your property.

Listing your property online is one of the top ways of attracting high-quality clients, and you must do it right. So, use the above tips to create listings that will captivate potential clients.

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