Serhat – Sing Na,Na (Song Review) – Secular and Religious Clash in Israel

  • Serhat from San Marino shows his creative talents in his song Sing Na,Na
  • When people fall into depression a music video might succeed to cheer them up or even
  • Religious Jews sometimes suffer depression and they need a concert to cheer them up

The song Sing Na Na written and sung by Serhat of San Marino is inspiring.  He has added emotions and beauty to music.  In his music video which was introduced in Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest he combines music, dance, beauty, love, children, and with lyrics which open the heart and soul to life and joy. He offers a simple solution for all the problems of life to Say Na, Na Na, which means be like a child, a child of God a child of life.

These are the lyrics:

You look sad and lonely, Is something wrong tonight? Why this rush to run away? Things will be alright. Just be strong and look at me, hear me when I say, who cares that your outta love, it happens every day.

All your dreams have gone away. No matter what you do. Love all colors of this life. And to yourself be true. Don’t forget my number. Call me anytime. I will always tell you life is beautiful and fine.

Say na, na, na

On a dark deserted way. Say na, na, na there is a light for you that waits its na, na, na Say na,na,na Your not alone so stand uo say na, na, There is a light for you that waits say na, na, You’re a hero, be the rainbow, and sing na, na

All your dreams have gone away, No matter what you do. Love all colors of this life, And to yourself be true. Don’t forget my number. Call me anytime. I will always tell you life is beautiful and fine.

On a dark deserted way say na, na, there is light for you that waits its na,na,na,say na,na,na You’re a hero be the rainbow sing na,na,na

If you are feeling lonely, We can take it slowly, Think I am going crazy, Yes I am going crazy, we can all go crazy Say na,na,na

You can sing with Serhat Na,Na by connecting to this website.

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov taught, “There is no such thing as hopeless.”  He taught, “It is a great achievement to be happy.” “The world is a narrow bridge to cross over, the main thing is not to fear.” “Pray to God in your own words. If you don’t have what to say, say na,na.  Na,Na in the light of Rebbe Nachman is a good prayer, a universal prayer.

Serhat through his music video employs beautiful woman to arouse joy in the hearts of people, which according to Jewish law is forbidden. Chassidism added to Judaism dance and song which was suppressed for many generations. Chassidic dance is men together and woman together. Mixed dancing is forbidden.

When the emotions of people fall to below 0 minus 10,-20,-30 until minus – 1,000,000 depression, all the rules can be put aside for a few moments to save a person from depression or maybe suicide even to allow to use beautiful woman in a music video like the video of Serhat and to sing Na,Na.

Serhat from San Marino.  His song should have won the song contest or should have scored much higher.  The Lyrics may have offended those that want to remain sad and defend their sadness.

The Torah has in it laws to separate sexes.  In Orthodox synagogues men and women sit separately. In Jewish religious day schools or in Catholic Day Schools boys and girls learn separately. According to the bible a married woman is forbidden to be together intimately with another man other than her husband. Girls and boys are encouraged not to have promiscuous relationships until marriage. However if a woman is drowning in the sea, a man not only a lifeguard is obligated to try to save her even if she is a naked married woman.  To save a life is allowed almost to break all the laws of the Torah.

In the city of Efula in northern Israel is scheduled a concert organized for the religious community on August 14 the vacation season. The custom is to have men and woman sitting separately at Orthodox religious concerts.  A Woman’s rights organization appealed to the Supreme Court in Israel for the government of Efula to allow woman at the concert to sit wherever they pleased, not to be restricted to sit separately as is the usual custom. The court ruled that since the concert is a public event in the State of Israel it cannot have separate seating. The religious parties in the government want to appeal the decision but it will be too late. The concert may be cancelled or for sure certain of the entertainers will refuse to perform.

This ruling in the court may make it difficult for other religious concerts that are scheduled throughout Israel during the summer vacation.

Recently there was another ruling concerning a children park in the city of Efula. The citizens of Efula wanted to restrict the use of the park to its own residents which means to exclude Arabs living in settlements nearby from using the park. The courts ruled that the park has to be open to everyone who wants to use it including Arabs.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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