Shop The Globe Prices Beat eBay on Hygiene Products

A month ago, we at Shop The Globe showed how customers and retailers can buy popular American brand name products, via our new vendor, Wholesale B2B, to sell in their shops and yours.  The example we gave were hygiene products.  As a follow-up, we decided to show further how our prices compare to the competition, and in particular, eBay.

At Shop The Globe, 7.5 oz bottles of Dial aloe antibacterial liquid hand soap are available from for $1.39 each.  We also have 20-count travel packs of Wet Ones Wipes for $1.15.  Due to popular demand, many of our hygiene items are going fast.  But, for the sake of the argument, let’s keep going.

Shop The Globe offers 28-piece tents of Chapstick Lip Balm— it is winter here in the States, after all— for $26.60.  Another item, always in demand, are 3.75 containers of Vaseline petroleum jelly for $1.39.  As always, new and amazing deals on brand name, American products, in a variety of categories, keep coming, so check back at Shop The Globe often!

So, what do those same items go for on eBay?  Well, to put it bluntly, Shop The Globe cleans up.

The Chapstick tent is listed for $49.99 on eBay— 61% higher than on Shop The Globe.  Wet Ones travel packs are available on eBay for $3.58— eBay is more than three times the price on Shop the Globe.  That same container of Vaseline is listed at $5.76 on eBay— eBay is more than four times the cost on Shop The Globe.  On eBay, the bottle of Dial hand soap sells for $7.99— eBay is nearly six times higher than on Shop The Globe!

How are we able to sell such high-demand, name brand products at such low prices?  Here again, Shop The Globe comes clean.  We’ve eliminated the costly and redundant middlemen. We also allow sellers to post news publications and listings on our website at no upfront, out-of-pocket cost.  In return, Shop The Globe charges sellers only 12% of what they sell.

We operate in over 100 major languages, and offer a wide variety of currencies, ensuring an easier flow of goods and capital in a language you each understand, wherever you each may be.  More of both are on the way.

Owned by an established news company, Shop the Globe is our third site, along with Freelance Global Gigs, and parent site, Communal News. All three sites have demonstrated quick growth and established themselves as global platforms at no or very low cost to our vendors.

Communal News offers up-to-date reports and forecasts across industries and markets, products and services.  We also provide readers daily news, business, sports, and analysis on a wide range of topics.

Anyone can read our targeted articles on Communal News, Google News, or Facebook News. For more information about our sites, click here.

With a simple sign-up process and minimal setup, Shop The Globe allows businesses to get up and running in practically no time.

Let Shop The Globe help keep your storefronts full of high demand, brand name, American products throughout the twists and turns of this unpredictable year. Try it today!  Shop the Globe’s Global Wholesale Vendor Registration is free.

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We provide to merchants a posting in every major language, open country and city in the globe. So in almost an instant your local merchant products can and will be seen and reviewed globally for volume purchases. The Shop The Globe target market is the very fast growing online stores that need a constant supply of unique goods. We ask that only merchants who are able to conduct business with and ship to other countries and businesses apply.

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