Shop the Globe Will Be Opening Soon 

We wanted to offer our global viewers more than just online services. Don’t get us wrong, we like online services, but we wanted to do more, so we will soon open Shop The Globe where hopefully you could make local products and sell them on a global platform. We want to give the little guy the opportunity to introduce their products to the world. The vendors will have no listing costs, and will only pay a fee if a sale is completed. Most small companies have limited global or even countrywide awareness, and we will be able to provide this type of service.

Communal News & Freelance Global Gigs will soon be introducing its third partner service: Shop the Globe

Shop The Globe has now opened its free vendor registration and internal listing of products. We welcome most global merchandise, but we are especially focused on the unique local products in small locations, or unknown regions, even welcoming goods with cultural and or religious traditions, which includes the United States as well as very small global countries too.

We hope to provide global shoppers a low cost platform where they become so excited about your goods and merchandise that they purchase it immediately.  Hopefully, some of your purchasers are global buyers, and are using their first purchase as a test, to see if your goods are of a high enough quality to allow them to make future volume purchases, so they can properly stock their own local online services, local markets and or stores.

Shop The Globe is an open, community-based global platform, where we will provide online buying, selling and translation services in all of the world’s largest languages. We built direct facilitation and coordination between any possible buyers and sellers right into our marketplace, allowing some of the more traditional cross border hurdles simply to be solved between the two parties.

We are owned by Communal News and have a sister company called Freelance Global Gigs, both providing global services at very low costs or free. You can read more about us here.

With the significant growth of both Communal News and Freelance Global Gigs, we believe there is an untapped market, just as in the gigs market, where parties can communicate before buying. We wanted to open up the road.  This was part of our early plan, and for the next few years we will be focused on building out our ongoing platforms.

If you have a product you would like us to list and sell globally, sign up today:

Shop The Globe Vendor Registration is Free

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Freelance Global Gigs

Freelance Global Gigs We are building an open internet freelance marketplace service to help you, our readers, gain faster and more unfiltered services with the goal of providing the most intellectually diversified services we can.  Communal Freelance Marketplace has partnered with Communal News to provide a unique and special marketplace surrounded by a news provider with fresh, rich daily content to encourage more activity within our marketplace. This will significantly increase the number of buyers and sellers on our open platform and our growth rate– an enriching experience for all!

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