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The problem with today’s internet is that the world’s wholesalers and distributors are still using their 1900’s model; there has been little if any significant change, even though we have seen incredibly robust change in the world that has created a new retail online category. Manufacturing also has seen gigantic leaps with micro companies. These companies are involved with the creative design and development of new products, but they hire out all their manufacturing. They have seen strong growth popping up all over the world.


As new online stores and new micro product manufacturing industries grow robustly worldwide, one of the biggest factors holding both of these markets back is an open market exchange that allows these two fast growing wholesale markets to trade, buy, sell and exchange information openly, transparently and with low cost globally.

This type of global exchange is desperately needed to facilitate these industries on an internet based open wholesale platform, moving away from the more traditional distribution platforms that were designed for our grandfather’s generation.

Because of that Shop The Globe has set up The Next Generation of Online Wholesale Exchange. They call it Shop Wholesale Online which means you soon will have the ability to review, filter, select, communicate, and of course Buy & Sell, on a simple global platform from a multitude of vendors around the world in one open market.

You can select products in your native language (they have every major global language) and have each product translated and presented based on your selected filters. Or you could post a product and have it translated and published in over 100 languages, and marketed in each and every major country.

Not only is this whole new market being established, but it is using the internet to directly eliminate the traditional distribution company; with so many global delivery services the costly distributor is no longer as valuable or needed. Having the global manufacturer exchange services connected with the online stores directly allows both parties to save, eliminating costly ongoing bureaucracies and middlemen.

In today’s world you should be able to buy and sell products openly instead of behind protective walls, where someone presorts and selects what will be deliverable to you.  You need the best products, at a fair price, from around the world, and this will be shortly at your fingertips!

Shop Wholesale Online – A New Solution for eCommerce


Wholesalers traditionally work with brick-and-mortar retailers, but with the breakout of new online businesses, this fast growing market and demand needs a new superior wholesale online business to match. Knowing how quickly ecommerce is growing, here are some of the ways online stores can benefit your “Shop Wholesale Online” ecommerce business:

Lower cost products

Wholesale manufacturers can list their products directly, reducing the middle man, allowing online companies to buy in bulk. You can worry less about running low on inventory since they provide a reliable stream and steady amount of product.  You can access our programs in English, and obtain products from over 100 different manufacturing languages, allowing you to scour the global for the best products at the best prices for your clients.

Global Access

Creating products in demand, that other stores do not have, is probably the most important issue for growth.  So because time is important, why wait until a distributor supplies you and all your competition at the same time with a hot new product? Reach out globally and grab it!  When you work on a global platform you can purchase directly from the manufacturing side, and we have asked the manufacturer to lower the minimum order requirements. This will allow you to have very original products at very reasonable prices.

Shop Wholesale Online – A New Solution for Small Manufacturing

Manufacturers can improve their margin while attracting new, global, fast growing, markets. As direct channels are opening up globally, this will open your business to new, younger, faster growing online companies to review and buy your products on a global platform. This could give your business a tremendous jump start, marketing your products at no cost worldwide, in every major language– especially needed for many in this economy.

Add new clientele and grow your markets faster, knowing that traditional distributors are not servicing this market properly and are not designed for the rapidly rising internet growth.

Manufacturing will have direct control over their inventory and will gain a better feel for growth. For example, they will see an immediate correlation between any digital advertising campaigns they’re running and product reordering levels. Manufacturers will know directly (in much less time) what works and what doesn’t.

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Shop the Globe is providing the The Next Generation of Online Wholesale Exchange with Shop Wholesale Online for both buyers and sellers and it is opening soon. We believe this could greatly advance the next generation of online business shopping, boosting micro manufacturing sales simultaneously.

This is the next logical step in online business.

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