Shreveport Police Officer Allegedly Not Social Distancing – Refused to Make a Customer Social Distance

  • "I have the right to be just as protected from potential COVID contraction in an establishment as anyone else," Greshun De Bouse says.
  • A Shreveport Police officer allegedly did not practice social distancing from De Bouse, and refused to make the customer customer social distancing at De Bouse's request.
  • The SPD officer allegedly refused to make another customer social distance from De Bouse in departmental discriminate retaliation for her exercising her rights in a previous assault matter.
  • Shortly after the Walmart social distancing incident, two other SPD officers allegedly harrassed De Bouse at a nearby location in alleged retaliation.

On April 29, 2020, trusted Equality Advocate, Behaviorist, Researcher, and Research Analyst Greshun De Bouse was shopping in the WalMart at Westport Avenue in Shreveport, LA when a Caucasian male wearing a COVID mask allegedly walked up behind her in too close a proximity per COVID guidelines.

Equality Advocate, Behaviorist, Researcher, and Research Analyst Greshun De Bouse.

De Bouse, who was not sure why the male was not social distancing on his own, allegedly asked the male multiple times to practice social distancing but he refused and began hurling insults at her. When the on-site security came, which was a Shreveport Police Officer with no visible frontal badge, whose shirt bore the SPD patch logo, the officer allegedly did not practice social distancing from De Bouse, and refused to make the customer social distance so De Bouse could complete her shopping experience.  De Bouse says:

“It is utterly ridiculous for the SPD officer and the other customer to be wearing COVID masks, but not practice social distancing.  It is especially ridiculous and dishonorable for the officer not to do so because he is supposedly a community leader.

I was merely attempting to retrieve a product from one of the store freezers-as I have the right to do like any other customer-when the Caucasian male walked up right behind me in too close a proximity staring at me from behind.  I asked him to practice social distancing, but he repeatedly refused and actually became indignant because I asked him to social distance per the CDC recommendations and per WalMart regulations.

The man began hurling insults at me repeatedly, but I understand ignorant minds such as he indicated his is, typically express themselves by insulting others because they haven’t the capacity to express themselves intelligently.  Interestingly, an Assistant Manager at this store informed me just two weeks prior of his ‘concerns’ being/working around people amid this Covid pandemic, and his exact words were ‘You never know. We work just as hard as medical professionals do.’

Therefore, if an assistant manager is concerned about working or interacting in close proximity with others, I am quite appalled at the failure to enforce social distancing policy as indicated by floor markings, etc. at this WalMart location.  I am entitled to the same social distancing given to others.

Concerning the police officer’s actions, Shreveport Police Department has committed vicious retaliatory acts against me since a previous incident in which one of their officers failed to follow Louisiana law and arrest the Caucasian male who assaulted me (even though they have witness statement corroborating this) and I sought to exercise my rights in the matter. However, personal feelings have no place in the workplace– especially in law enforcement.

There has to be a separation between personal and professional, and any officer incapable of separating the two should excuse himself or herself from the police department. In my interactions with them since the aforementioned assault incident, SPD has not efficaciously performed job duties with me because of a personal departmental vendetta relative to this previous matter.

I have the right to be just as protected from potential COVID contraction in an establishment as anyone else.

Further, on the same evening of April 29, 2020, shortly after this WalMart social distancing incident and while attending to other needed business near the location where I had every legal right to be, two SPD officers rushed up to my vehicle harassing me, singling me out of the multiple other vehicles in the same location.

I reported this but usually since the assault incident, SPD either will not make a police report for me (even with irrefutable evidence, the will give me what is known commonly as the run-around), create a hostile environment by yelling at me and/or hanging up on me and more to prevent me from making a report, provide contradictory information concerning ‘policy’ each time we communicate, or try to put a ‘spin’ on the crimes committed against me.

It is unscrupulous for a police department to act out of accordance with the law they supposedly uphold, and retaliate against the person who holds them accountable for their actions.  No police department or officer is above the law. It is discriminatory and illegal for a police department to only perform job duties according to law or make arrests in certain cases when certain persons are involved.

In addition, let us examine the difference between coincidence and stalking. You decide. If a member of the same organization shows up everywhere you go at the precise time you go– the market, fuel station, dry cleaners, everywhere (even before COVID)– I’ll let you all decide if that is stalking. #stalkingcrimefirsttime

The sum of the matter is I allege the SPD officer in WalMart refused to make another customer social distance from me in discriminate retaliation for me exercising my rights in a previous assault matter. Had it been any other person, I allege the officer would have enforced social distancing.

I specifically asked the police officer if he would ask the other customer to social distance from me. The officer replied ‘no’. Multiple WalMart employees at this location neither practiced social distancing with me, nor required the Caucasian male customer to. Either we all abide by the regulations, or none.

I have the right to be just as protected from potential COVID contraction in an establishment as anyone else. That is what I love about equality. It is equal irrespective of gender, ethnicity, or other differences. Law enforcement should serve and protect all, not some.  If they are not mature enough to conduct their jobs indiscriminately, despite personal feelings, they should not be on the police force.

I am not and will not be intimidated by the unprofessional, rudimentary, and illegal retaliatory acts of SPD in an attempt to deter me from holding them accountable for their job performance failure.”

Trusted friend Greshun De Bouse for sure is getting our well-wishes.  In this time of COVID and having to allegedly handle police retaliation is a lot to juggle.  But that’s why we love Greshun-for her tenacity, strength, resilience, all she is. We will have more on this story as it develops.

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