Significant Growth Expected in Compression Testers Market

  • The compression tester, also know as a compression gauge, is one of the most basic tools used for diagnosing engine problems.
  • A compression test is a quick way to determine the general condition of the pistons rings.
  • Such a test can help determine what repairs might be needed before starting to work on the engine.

Compression testers are used for testing the ability of a material to recover after a compressive external force is applied on it and the force is held on the material for a certain predefined time. The compression testers give various results such as load at rupture, maximum load on the material, deflection of material on the application of maximum load, work done at the maximum load, stiffness of material, stress on the material and strain conditions. The design of compression testers should be such that the accurate results are obtained for the particular material in case of applied compression, transverse, shear testing etc.

The compression testers market is expected to witness significant growth in next few years due to the developing industrialization. Various properties of compression testers such as accuracy, precise repeatability, and high tolerance power make them preferred in various industries in the global market.

Compression testers provide the information about the integrity and safety of materials, various components and products. The compression testers help the manufacturers to ensure that their finished products are fit for the desired operations and the materials are sustainable for the applied compressive force. The information about the compressive force applied on the material, time of force applied, obtained from compression testers can be used by manufacturers to know about the batch quality of product, consistency in the manufacturing. The data obtained from compression testers helps manufacture to adopt innovative manufacturing methods and reduce the material costs.

Compression testers ensure fast cyclic production rate which reduces the cost, time and energy required in the production process of materials and provide manufacturers details of material under stress and compression. Compression testers help in detecting the weak spots in the materials and also help in classifying the compression testers as per their applications in various industries. All these advantages of compression testers are driving the global compression testers market. The advanced technologies and features such as durable clamping unit, HSS blushing, control systems with compact logic PLC, centralized systems with less maintenance and longer operational life, motor operated hammer and tools for compression testing with higher efficiency, compression testers with multiple speed control options. All these advanced features of compression testers force its customers to replace the conventional compression testers with the more advanced options. The increasing need for stronger and durable materials remains one the key drivers for compression testers market. Also the ongoing research and development fuel the demand for compression testing equipment.

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Based on the types of compression testing, the compression testers market can be segmented as,

  • Bend Testing
  • Spring Testing
  • Crush Testing

Depending upon the various industrial applications of compression testers, the compression testers market can be segmented as

  • Aerospace Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Packaging Industry
  • Medical Devices Industry
  • Cosmetics Industry
  • Health Industry
  • Plastic and Rubber Industry
  • Pharmaceuticals Industry

On the basis of types of products, the compression testers market can be segmented as

  • Below 500 N
  • Between 500 to 1500 N
  • Above 1500 N

Here N means Newton is the unit of compressive force applied on the material.

Some of the mature participants of global compression testers market are Aimil Ltd, EIE Instruments, Lloyd Instruments, Shanghai Hualong Test Instruments, Hans Schmidt and Co GmbH, Tinius Olsen, ZwickRoell, Shimadzu Corporation, Cooper Technology and AJT Equipment.

These market players try to expand their compression testers market share and strengthen their position in the global compression testers market.

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Compression testers can be used to conduct variety of tests and thus are used worldwide for various industries and in research sector. North America and Europe are investing much in various industries. The increasing industrialization leads to increased demand in industrial instruments. Thus industrialization in North America and Europe region is expected to accelerate the compression testers market.

Economic growth and increasing high disposable incomes in countries like China, India of Asia Pacific region are witnessing the growth in automobile industry, construction industry in this region. This growth in the construction and automobile industry is expected to propel the growth in compression testers market in this region. Emerging countries in Middle East and Africa are driving the compression testers market with the increased use of industrial instruments.

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