Simple Ways to Up Your Agile Marketing Game

  • Marketing is all about experimentation.
  • It is important to hold regular meetings that would help everyone be transparent.
  • Companies and businesses face real challenges if they are practicing a culture that is strictly anti-agile.
  • Make sure that your team has the right skill set that would help them grow.

With the technological trends advancing, it is not surprising that marketing trends are evolving as well. Agile marketing is an approach that is focused on paying attention to high-value projects. This is followed by measuring their impact and then improving the results over time. Businesses nowadays are more inclined towards agile marketing as it is a stress-free form of marketing.

Agile marketing is a much more promising way to market. First and foremost, it delivers a higher rate of return at a cheaper cost. Secondly, it helps improve efficiency and improve productivity. Teams that are using this tactical approach usually channel their efforts in what they refer to as ‘sprints’. Sprints can be understood as short periods of extensive work done by the team members. There are certain features of agile marketing that need to be understood that will help you follow the strategy in a better way. Let’s look at ways through which you can up your agile marketing game.

Experiment and Implement

Marketing is all about experimentation. Companies no longer invest in making annual documentation for marketing. Campaigns are developed on a weekly basis and documentation is done likewise. This new way of developing strategies is considered more favorable and less extensive as compared to traditional marketing methods. Agile marketing is focused on experiments that are of low-risk. In other words, it can also be thought of as changing your mind constantly in order to get better results. Once you have conducted experiments that are low-risk, you can actually derive results from those experiments and act on using the results. Some companies intentionally develop low-cost campaigns which would give them a clear picture before they can move ahead with allocating a larger budget. This is one way of marketing agility that your business could adapt to.


It may sound easy for you to devise small tasks for experimentation. However, a major issue that remains is that of accountability among the team members. It is important to hold regular meetings that would help everyone be transparent. The insights to all project must be available to every member of the team. Any obstacles faced during the tenure of the project (no matter what the size of the issue is) must be addressed as soon as possible. This means that everyone has each other’s back no matter what the issue is. No deadline should be compromised on because one person got sick or due to delay in a meeting etc.


Since this technique is focused on short periods of extensive work, there is a possibility that communication will be compromised. Lack of communication is the number one cause of failing projects. It is important to have frequent meetings. However, too many meetings can prove to be a hassle for the team members. There is no need to schedule another meeting to follow up on the tasks of a previous meeting. If you haven’t been able to meet a goal from your meeting then extend the meeting until you have not achieved the output.

If you are trying to follow an agile method, it is important for you to have meetings that are more productive rather than increasing the frequency of your meetings. It would also rule in your favor if you have a facilitator during your meetings. The job of a facilitator is to keep everyone on track. The job of a facilitator is not that easy, bridging certain communication gaps might not be as simple as it seems. Therefore, it is better if you hire someone who is trained to do their job.

Watch out for Bottlenecks

This probably goes for all projects, regardless of them being agile or not. It is important for you to consider your team at every step and ask them if there is anything holding them back from achieving the project goals. Taking feedback from your team can do wonders for the health of your project. More importantly, do not blame individuals for the bottlenecks. Work towards a solution, together!

An agile environment requires you to move faster and avoid anything that is time-consuming. The best way to do this is by finding cost-effective solutions. Let’s say a company wishes to adopt a paperless environment. This idea would help them be more efficient and save on time and resources. The team can simply share the PDF version of the documents and use a PDF Editing Software in case any changes are required.

Develop and Grow

Make sure that your team has the right skill set that would help them grow. As mentioned earlier, with the digital businesses growing it is imperative for marketers to be aware of the latest tech trends. Additionally, they also need to understand how customer feedback can influence their business. The key is to implement different technologies and see which one is giving you better results. One way to measure the results is through customer feedback. Evaluating these results is what forms the crux of the agile method. It is how you decipher these results that will help your marketing in the long run.


Implementing an agile marketing strategy may seem like a breeze with the steps above. However, the truth is somewhat different. Companies and businesses face real challenges if they are practicing a culture that is strictly anti-agile. This factor can be a major reason that could hinder growth and creativity. It is very easy for a manager to say that they will be adopting agile methods in so and so project, but it is easier said than done.

Implementing agility is a whole new process that not only requires different tools to practice, but you also need to transform your entire way of thinking. Just a little piece of advice before you get all excited over going full agile. Always, do a step by step analysis and weigh in your pros and cons. Yes, agility does work for a lot of companies but it is always the right practices that will keep you on track.

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