So Far There Are 3 Types of Coronavirus Pandemic Roaring Around the Globe

  • Type A originated in China September 2019.
  • Type B started around Christmas 2019.
  • In New York State the predominant is Type B.

Coronavirus continues to dominate all the news. As April 10th, the number of infected around the world surpassed 1.6 million and the death toll reached over 100,000. The pandemic continues to cripple global economies and quarantines around the world continue. There are also disturbing cases of possible reinfection with the virus in South Korea. However, a new research paper believes there are three types of Coronavirus around the world, so it could be plausible people are getting “reinfected” with a different strain.

The new research paper “Phylogenetic network analysis of SARS-CoV-2 genomes” outlines the three types of the COVID-19.

Type A (the original strain): The virus that was transmitted to humans (possibly from animals), yet at this time it seems to be a hybrid due to the original genome sequence that was published by a Chinese laboratory and its capabilities of attaching to cold and warm hosts. The Type A is presumed to originate from bats. The first case of type A in China started in September 2019. Do not forget China consumes raw animals and has overall horrid animals conditions disregarding any type of humanity, common sense or sanitary requirements.

According to the research, the epicenter of the Wuhan pandemic was hit with Type B in a majority of cases, but there were still Type A cases too. The Type A cases would have been around fall and Type B reared its head closer to Christmas 2019. It also differs along two subclasses with t29095c mutations. Europe, including hardest hit Italy has been infected with Type B.

Phylogenetic network of 160 SARS-CoV-2 genomes.

Interestingly, the work reflects that the US is hit specifically with Strain A. The World Health Organization (WHO) really failed to act in time and actually seems to be favorable to China. One wonders if their funding or interests have to do with their slow acting in China. At this time we don’t have an answer. US President Donald Trump is halting funding to WHO. Russian president Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin do not seem to be favorable to WHO either.

The West Coast of the US is hit with the Type A strain and it seems New York is hit with the Type B. New York State has been one of the largest epicenters of the Coronavirus spread in the US. UK scientists also deciphered test results from cruise ships and they would be Type B (same as in New York).

Additionally, there is also Type C, which thus far has not mutated but appeared later. So far, type C has been predominant in Singapore and certain parts of China (not Wuhan). The number of samples for Type C is not enough to actually make a solid conclusion as far as mutation is concerned. Type C has a g26144t mutation and is also found in South Korea. So the question is if people who were sick with Type B in South Korea are not now being reinfected with the Type C mutation. The results of a majority of the positive coronavirus tests do not provide precision to specifically tell if the virus is A or B or even C. It must be deciphered later.

Overall, given how the trajectory of the virus has been detected, it is plausible that Type A could be the original virus and Type B is a mutation somehow that could have man made origin. The question is not answered 100% could it be stain A and Strain B one was the original, another one is from the lab setting?

In conclusion, one fact is for certain, the pandemic is effecting majority of nations, economies and continues to create strain on the health systems and thus far concrete medical protocol has not been established.

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