Someone Has What You Needed Most

  • Life is not made to be lived alone.
  • You may have a market; you still need to patronize the market of other people in the world.
  • Where people are money is available.

What you are looking for in life is with someone somewhere unknown to you. What you need is in the hand of a man or woman far or near. You need people to become what you desire in life. Nobody can become anything in life without the help, support or contribution of others. You cannot rule your life alone. It is impossible.

Understanding is a strong secret to wealth and good living. As you read this message, it will make the experience a supernatural turn around. Somehow, you just need action or positive step to claim what you needed from the next person near or far away that is having what will make your life better!

Look, people are vital and crucial to our success in life. Nobody can make success without the impact of others. Dreams are realized faster with men. Join the queue, look for your divine helper, and stop building a new bridge. We need ourselves to achieve our aims in life. Life is made to be that way.

Even when you claim to have succeeded alone; you still need people to celebrate success with people. Lasting joy is collectively shared joys among the people. You need others to be what you’ll be in connection with God. People are important and needed in your race of life. They should be cherished and treated well if you desire to make your success faster and better.

I understand that people sometimes are dangerous to deal with. They will be the one that will shout “Hosanna” today. And by this time tomorrow, they will be singing another song:’ “crucify him!”’ Yes! Life is made up of good and bad human beings. We have good people in the world. Likewise, there are many who have chosen to follow the bad way that made them be in the black book of others.

Notwithstanding, nobody can make anything outside God and people will be involved as well. As mighty as God is, He still recons with men in the scheme of things.

Get it clear, you cannot do anything or become anything without making use of some people on the way. You need men to make you the King. You need people to make you a celebrity. You need people’s votes in thousands, if not in millions to be the elected president of the country.

Get it clear, you may have the best product to sell, without people to make a massive purchase of it, your investment will become a waste outright!

Bill Gates became one of the richest men in the whole world today because the Americans and people of the world accepted his concept of ‘’window’’. If not Bill Gates could have been living with regrets today. That’s one of the reasons why Bill Gates is now supporting several movements that can affect people positively with his wealth.

There is likely no other website is so loved and appreciated by massive people in the world as The creator of this website gave people what they liked creatively well. Definitely, over 2 billion people are on Facebook today which made the website a big success as a result.

Our joy and happiness are desirable for people who are close or distant to us. Therefore, treat every man or woman with high esteem and great respect. The man next to you may be the divine angel that will make your destiny fulfilled. In the Holy Books and history, we have concrete records of how great men succeeded as a result of supports and favor enjoyed by other people around them.

Life is not made to be lived alone. We operate in-chains. Our destiny is interconnected with each other. It takes God and men to make you something in life. Likewise, the car you will ride belongs to another person before you will make a purchase of it. The land you are likely to build your house belongs to another set of people or families. A transfer of ownership will be needed before you can claim it.

The same thing is applicable to the food you eat or materials that you enjoy. You may have a market; you still need to patronize the market of other people in the world. No country can be great without people. People make things good. People make things worse as well. Yes, we still need people to make things happen. If you value people and treat them well, you will have an open ticket to many things faster than imagined. People are your gateway to greatness if you understand how to manage men well.

Have you seen a business or brand that is reigning? You have seen what people have made it be. Have you seen a brand failed? Yes, you have seen what men can turn ideas into. If it is good, people have made it so; if it is bad people have turned it to be so.

A good church without good people will soon become a great bad place of worship. Likewise, a bad church with good people gaining entrance may soon become one of the best places to serve God. The more good people that come your way will determine how far you will go in the journey of life. Be wise; surround yourself with people who are relevant to your dreams and goals. If not, people may prove you wrong in the process. People are those who will get you the crown to wear if you can do what is acceptable to them. is a website like any other site on the internet today. There is likely no other website is so loved and appreciated by massive people in the world as The creator of this website gave people what they liked creatively well. Definitely, over 2 billion people are on Facebook today which made the website a big success as a result.

Whatever people in mass accepted will be a huge success in away. Ensure you and your ideas or product are acceptable to people. Can you imagine, not all good books are best sellers in the actual sense?

If seriously you need money. Go for people instead. Search for where you can find people, money can be made in millions. Money is not far from where you can locate men.

You can have a good book as an author or writer. If less is sold, you will not be regarded or attain the status of a best seller. Bestseller titles are books written and purchased by several people within the shortness period of time. Bestseller books and books sold in thousands or millions. It is people that make a book to be a bestseller author.

Not all well-written books reached the status of a best seller. And not all bestsellers are all that good. What makes a book the Bestseller is the demand for the title by many people in the market.

It takes the majority to win an election anywhere in the world. People are made to vote before a candidate can win. If you have people that voted in your favor, nothing will stop you from reaching the Honorable position in the society.

Donald Trump did not become the president of the US because he could speak fluently or as a result of his involvement in the real estate business. Trump became an elected president of the US simply because millions of the Americans voted him to be their No1. citizen.

Can you imagine? If Donald Trump happens to be good with very few or no voters he will not be fit for the position. It is the people’s vote that determines who wins an election.

Without massive votes from the masses, no elected candidate can surpass fiercely. If you must be voted to any political position in the society today, only the people’s vote or political party you belong to will determine it. The majority will likely win an election anytime. A common adage says: ‘’the majority will carry the vote’.’

There was a time in Nigeria that the People Democratic Party (PDP) was proclaimed as the largest political party in Africa. Several people were registered members of PDP which made the party rule for solid 16 years non-stop. Massive people joined the party in those days. When the change occurred in the year 2015 election, massive people voted PDP out of power in Nigeria. This gave room for APC [the Alliance for Democracy], the political party that got Muhammed Buhari into power!  People can make things happen in politics or elsewhere.

If you disregard people you will suffer for it. Power belongs to the people. Men and women have the power to change things. A church needs people to serve as worshippers. Without people, no church can be in place. Where people are successful, riches, money, wealth, progress or advancement is not hard to come by. You need people to establish and operate a successful business outfit anywhere in the world.

A school building without pupils will soon be named another thing. If you claim to be a school proprietor, you better learn to be friendly with the parents and guardians if you desire to remain in business. No child can attend any school without the approval of the parent or guardian.

If you find favor in the sight of the parents as the owner of a school, nothing will stop your school from having an environment of pupils.

There is money with people. People can make you rich if you understand how to go about it. That clearer understanding is one of the wealth insight that I have been advocating for almost thirty years ago. When I released my first book on financial matters titled: “How to Attain Financial Success in Life.”

Really, where people are money is available. No matter how, wherever people are gathered you can fish out the money in a big volume.

I was at the Jorgor events center in Ibadan some years ago to present a seminar paper on “Starting and Operating Profitable Small Scale Business’’ organized by Nigerian Tribune Newspapers with Lanre Oyetade, the Business Editor.

I did a test to confirm my declaration that: where people are, money is with them. Before I started my presentation on that fateful day. I asked people present to take out currency notes with them and wave it openly because “business talk is simply money talk.”

The hall was full to capacity with almost a thousand participants in attendance.

O my God, people came up with different notes of currency, naira, and dollar, etc. You could not believe it.

O my God, people came up with different notes of currency, naira, and dollar, etc. You could not believe it. if I were to collect it as “offering” I could have been richer. But thank God, we were not conducting a church service whereas a pastor would be entitled to such collections in the name of God or for the sake of the Gospel.

I made people realize vividly that you can make money at any place that you are able to find people gathered. No matter where you can find people, you can find money as well. Money stays with people. Men have money. The money belongs to people or nations. People have money. People need the money and people also can make money available to finance any project.

Fine, money is not far from where you can find people. But how can you fish out such money with them and women? It is simple! Look for what is needed by the people or identify a need and offer such an exchange for cash.

Those who are fast money makers do not waste time in learning such opportunities wherever it is identified. I love the Igbo guys from Nigeria are fast in such an approach to making money quickly and legally from people. Kudos to those business inclined guys and more grace to their elbow.

Right now while writing this document, I sat in a meeting with the Managing Director of Davola Water Company located in Ibadan, Nigeria. During our short discussion, I was able to seal up a distributorship offer with her. What a wonderful opportunity to detect what the next follow has to offer in moving your life forward.

My friend never keeps quiet. Ask from the next man to you what you can offer him or her. Also, inquire about what he or she has for you.

Money and people move in the same direction. Money always stays where human beings are located. Money stays with people!

Wherever you can spot men, you can fish out money as well. Therefore, always remember that: Someone is having what You Needed Most!

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Smart Oyejide

Smart Oyedotun Oyejide is a multi-gifted writer, motivational speaker, best-selling author and business consultant. He is a fellow of the British society of Commerce (FBSC) and full member, Institute of Management Consultants (MIMC). He is the CEO of Unlimited Wealth Solutions

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