Spanish Speaking Nations Now Have Worldwide Access to Low Cost Freelance Global Gigs

Spanish is the fourth largest language in the world behind English, Chinese and Hindi. There are 23 counties that have Spanish as their official language and those countries are spread over four continents.  Now all Spanish speaking countries of the world have access to post their Freelance Global Gigs (FGG) Low Cost Marketplace  services in Spanish which is then available in over 100 leading worldwide languages.

The FGG Low Cost Marketplace has, we believe, the lowest total cost of translation, and no hidden charges, making us the lowest cost freelance platform in the global freelance industry.

The Spanish language started out of Europe, like so many global languages, but saw explosive growth in South, Central and North America, including in the Caribbean.

Here is a breakdown by Spanish speaking country and population:


Spain Freelancing Global Gigs   46 million population

North America

Mexico Freelancing Global Gigs  129 million population

Central America

Costa Rica      4.9 million population
El Salvador     6.3 million population
Guatemala      17 million population
Honduras      9,25 million population
Nicaragua      6.2 million population
Panama          4.0 million population

Our Freelance Global Gigs translates Spanish into over 100 languages covering over 97% of the world’s communications, offering a truly worldwide open gig platform !

The Caribbean

Cuba Cuba    11.5 million population
Dominican Republic  10.7 million population
Santo Domingo      .96 million population
Puerto Rico       3.2 million population

South America 

Argentina  44 million population
Bolivia     11 million population
Chile       18 million population
Colombia    49 million population
Ecuador     16.6 million population
Paraguay    6.8 million population
Peru   32 million population
Uruguay  3.45 million population
Montevideo 1.38 million population
Venezuela   32 million population


Equatorial Guinea  1.2 million population

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For freelancers in Spanish speaking countries, FGG Low Cost Marketplace provides the ability to post their specialized services in their native language for free, and have their content marketed in over 100 languages all over the global. The result is over 200,000 related links to all new posts. And this is done with one of the lowest transaction costs anywhere on the worldwide web.

This service is perfect for those just beginning their career shift to the much higher paying global freelance market. We know of mothers in some countries who work at night– after their full-time shift at their local job is over– building their new global business. There’s never any upfront costs. The markets are easy to enter, but it is hard to develop a strong global presence for your services.

The freelance market in the US alone is paying an average of over $70,000 per year– more than the average US worker.  It is now easy for any Spanish speaking person to enter that market. Even though the average pay is very high, it will take a lot of work and effort to compete on a worldwide or US scale.

Below are the top six languages with corresponding Freelance Gig News posted in each separate language (ranked by population):

1. English Translation Freelance Low Cost Gig Marketplace covering 1.132 billion people

2. Mandarin Translation Chinese Freelance Low Cost Gig Marketplace covering 1.116 billion people

3. Hindi Language Freelance Low Cost Gig Marketplace covering 615.4 million people

4. Spanish Language Freelance Low Cost Gig Marketplace covering 534.3 million people

5. French Translation Freelance Low Cost Gig Marketplace covering 279.8 million people

6. Arabic Translation Freelance Low Cost Gig Marketplace covering 273.9 million people

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