Special Forces in Minks, Are Belarus Protests Almost Over?

  • Belarus Special Forces entered Minsk.
  • Russia created a special unit at the request of the Lukashenko to aid Belarus special forces. Thus far, there is no need for the unit to enter Belarus.
  • The protesters brought coffin, wishing death to Lukashenko on his birthday.

Belarus has been embroiled in protests all August. The protests intensified after the presidential election on the August 9th. The election was flawed, yet Russia recognized the election as legitimate. Nevertheless, the opposition leader Svetlana Tichanovskaya had to leave the country, due to the alleged attempt on her life.

The Belarus opposition leader Svetlana Tichanovskaya.

Currently, she is residing in Lithuania. However, Lithuania might not be a permanent residence.  Lukashenko threatened to impose the economic sanctions against Lithuania. Therefore,  it is plausible she will be asked to leave and would have to relocate to Poland or one of the Western European nation.

Lithuania can’t afford economically to loose access to the Klaipeda port.  It should be noted, Ukraine halted its active involvement in the Belarus situation for the security and economic concerns already.

On Sunday, the former presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhonovskaya stated that she is ready for a dialogue with the authorities of the Republic, provided that the detained protesters are released, representatives of her staff said “The condition for starting such negotiations is the release of political prisoners and all those detained for political reasons”.

It is highly unlikely, Lukashenko will engage in negotiations with the Techanovskaya. Since he secured support of the Kremlin, Lukashenko no longer needs to appease the opposition to stay in power.

It should be noted, Tichanovskaya husband continues to be in Belarusian jail, due to the “tax evasion”. These allegations surfaced, when he declared his candidacy to run for the president of Belarus. Therefore, the charges are questionable at best.

However, this weekend the Belarus Special forces entered the capital.  Several columns of armored vehicles appeared on the streets of Minsk. About ten BTR-80 pulled to the Palace of independence according to the news source.

Alexander Grigoryevich Lukashenko born 30 August 1954) is a Belarusian politician, who has served as president of Belarus since the establishment of the office 26 years ago, on 20 July 1994

Furthermore, the video of another column consisting of BMP was published by the telegram channel Baza. The footage shows several armored vehicles passing under the city viaduct.

Special equipment and infantry fighting vehicles with military personnel moved from the location of the special forces brigade of the Belarusian interior Ministry in the area of Uruchye.  Some of the military personnel move on ten IFVs, others – on trucks.

Moreover the heavy equipment was brought into the city center after the protest began. There was also a black coffin brought wishing Lukashenko death on his 66th birthday.

To note, Putin congratulated Lukashenko on his birthday via a phone call. Lukasehnko appeared with the machine gun and the bullet proof vest on his birthday for the news cameras.

Thousands of protesters have gathered outside the Independence Palace in Minsk. The passageways are cordoned off by riot police with raised shields. The protesters started to disburse after the Special forces and military equipment surrounded the area.

From now on, they will be patrolling the Minsk downtown core. Russia created a special unit at the request of the Lukashenko to aid Belarus special forces, if necessary. Thus far, there is no need for the unit to enter Belarus.

Overall, it is expected for the protests to subside. Poland would be on its own, given the circumstances and not strong enough to influence Belarus. Poland did put a huge effort and did the best it can to aid the opposition.

The protests will be gone by September. The opposition would have to regroup and eventually will resurface more united. It is for certain, this term will be last for Lukashenko.

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