Specialty Coffee Drinks You Can Make at Home

  • Making coffee at home can be super satisfying for any coffee lover. Not only can you purchase high quality exotic coffee beans to add flavor to your morning, but you can save money by making coffee at home.
  • Coffee floats and carbonated beverages are a great way to add some (literal) spice to your morning coffee routine.
  • If you're looking for more of a kick than what caffeine can offer, try making a coffee cocktail on the weekends.

Calling all Caffeine Lovers

Did someone say coffee? Coffee has many different origins and spans centuries of time. The actual history of coffee is not exact, but it is assumed to date back to Ethiopia. The 17th century gave way to the rise of coffee in European countries. Can you believe people drank beer and wine with breakfast before coffee? One of the greatest things about coffee today is the convenience at which you can get it. There are various coffee shop chains, and even small chains and local coffee shops, that provide the coffee that we crave. Realistically, buying coffee daily begins to add up and the idea of making coffee at home sounds more appealing. Fortunately, the convenience of fresh-made coffee is becoming more available at home.

Caffeine Done Hot

For some people, there is nothing like a freshly brewed pot of hot coffee. The smell entices you into starting a new day. The convenience of a simple coffee pot can begin your day properly before sitting in line at the coffee shop. Whether you are buying store-bought coffee or delicious and small-batch Hawaiian coffee beans, you can save a lot of money brewing a cup while you take your morning shower. If you have specifically crafted taste buds, there are so many different coffee beans and coffee flavors to choose from. Using the money you save from no longer going out for coffee every day, you can invest in higher-quality coffee beans. From blonde to dark roast, just add a little cream and sugar and your morning cup of joe at home can change the outlook on your entire day, and save a little lunch money. If you want something even fancier, make a special latte! All you need is milk, sugar, and a little vanilla extract.

According to the National Coffee Association, 70% of Americans consume coffee.

Warm Weather Brewing

Summertime is the best time, right? But you might stray away from the idea of a hot cup of coffee, or even a hot latte. Want to know how to make that hot latte iced? You guessed it, just pour that hot cup over ice and you’ve changed seasons in a matter of minutes. Cold brew coffee is also great for regular coffee drinkers in warmer weather. Cold-brew is just a process of steeping your ground coffee in cold water instead of the hot water you may run through a machine. If you desire something more special, there are so many great recipes for coffee drinks. Make a cold brew coffee soda float using your created cold brew, ice cream, club soda, and two shots of espresso. Fill a glass with ice, pour over your cold brew, then add the club soda and espresso. Drop-in a dollop of ice cream and there is your summertime fun!

Looking for a Special Treat?

Spiked coffee is a special treat? How about iced whiskey coffee? Add a dash of whiskey to your cold brew along with whiskey syrup and cream and you are ready to begin the rest of your day with a great coffee boost. If you want something a little more subtle, iced coffee popsicles can be the perfect specialty coffee drink. All you need is your ice cream or popsicle mold, your coffee, and heavy cream. Mix your coffee to your desired taste using the cream. Pour the cream into the bottom of the ice cream mold first and freeze for about an hour then and the coffee on top. Freeze the popsicles until they are solid and enjoyable.

Caffeine at Home Concluded

According to the National Coffee Association, 70% of Americans consume coffee. Coffee can be the beginning of your day or a special something in-between with the specialty recipes above. You can turn high-quality Hawaiian coffee into an island paradise!

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