Spiritual Healing, Corona, and Resurrection

  • Resurrection brings healing to the world.
  • The second resurrection of Jesus should fulfill what could not be accomplished in his first resurrection.
  • The Universal Faith combines the energies of the two Messiahs of truth.

Corona is with us already for six months, growing in some parts of the world, resting temporarily in other parts of the world. Israel is in a new spike of infections. In New York which was the worst hit in America Corona has been resting temporarily but there is already signs of spikes in religious neighborhoods in Metropolitan New York. President Trump has tested positive and is being treated in the hospital. Several of the leaders of religious Jewish community in Israel have recently become infected including Rabbi Chaim Kinevsky called The Prince of the Torah World. Rabbi Chaim is over 90 years old.

Rabbi Chaim Kinevsky the Prince of Torah became ill with Corona. He should have a speedy recovery.

President Trump is getting the best of care possible in the Corona Pandemic. The doctors have treated him with Plasma which are antibodies taken from people who have been healed from Corona. He is also getting Remdesvir for the next five days the Anti-viral drug for Ebola.

President Barsonaro of Brazil became infected several weeks ago. He is younger than President Trump. He publicized that he had taken Hydrochloroquine which had helped relieve symptoms and healed in three weeks.

President Trump took Hydrochloroquine as a preventative medicine before Hydrochloroquine was removed by the FDA as an effective treatment. President Trump should have quick healing together with Rabbi Kinevsky and all the sick people in the world today.

Besides conventional healing for Corona as described above there is also spiritual healing. The most basic way of spiritual healing is prayer. Everyone is a child of God like it says in the Bible “children you are to the Lord your God.” As a child of God you can ask your father for healing. The Jewish people or mankind as a whole can pray, “Our father our king remove from us this plague.”

The Bible relates that people are born naturally through the unity of male and female at the time of this act the man and woman receive pleasure. Genesis relates that the snake approached Eve the mother of all mankind and allured her to eat from the forbidden tree called The Tree of Knowledge. She tasted from its fruits and gave it to her soul mate Adam. Through the pleasure of the act of sexual union between Adam and Eve were born two children Cain and Abel.

Adam and Eve had experienced spiritual bliss in the Garden of Eden before this act. The pleasure they received through sexual union was a different pleasure.  Through the pleasure of the sexual union the world has become populated. The world is not a Garden of Eden but gives each person who is born a challenge in life and a choice to make between Good and Evil; life and death. Likes it says in Deuteronomy 30:15, Today I am giving you a choice today to choose life and good; death and evil. Deuteronomy 30:19, Choose Life.

There is a discussion amongst the sages about the first sin committed by Adam and Eve. Scholars and Kabbalists argue that the first sin was already part of the creation of God an inevitable act. Therefore it may not be called a sin at all, but divine providence. Without this sin, the earth would have remained empty. The sages teach, the world was not made to be empty but to become a dwelling place. After the first sin, the world became divided into two realms of spirituality, the realm of spirituality of the Garden of Eden where there was no sin or death, and the realm of spirituality in the natural world accepting the imperfection of mankind but working to make the world a dwelling place for God.

Making the world a dwelling place for God required God to give mankind the Bible, law and guidance how to make the world a dwelling place for the divine presence. The Jewish people at Mount Sinai began the work of making the world a dwelling place for God. Monotheism spread out in the world.

The existence of the Garden of Eden is a memory.  There is still a Garden of Eden but it exists as a memory which can be discovered or recovered within the mind and heart of people. Some people merit to find a spiritual Garden of Eden within their souls.  They are able to live in the real world with this great secret.

Discovering the Garden of Eden within the soul, mind and body of the world and mankind is a goal. There is a goal of World Peace through cooperation between nations. There is goal for the individual to find the Garden of Eden within his soul, inner peace, and oneness with God, also to build a good life. To find the Garden of Eden within the soul may sometimes require isolation. The Jewish people were given the Sabbath the seventh day of rest to find the Garden of Eden in their lives. Ultimately reaching into the depth of the soul requires a spiritual mentor which may be a Guru or Chassidic master.

The Blue Valley located outside the city of Zefat in the Galilee. Rabbi Isaac Luria identified this place where is the grave of Jesus. From here comes his second resurrection.

When life is pleasant there is less of a desire to find the Garden of Eden within the soul. Today living in the Corona Pandemic life is for sure not a Garden of Eden. The Zohar the foremost book of esoteric Judaism at the end of the second book of Exodus there is prophecy that there will come a time when the world will reach its climax in the fulfillment of being fruitful and multiplying populating the world. Mankind will have fulfilled the desire of God to be fruitful and multiply fill the whole earth.

Maybe Corona virus is a sign that civilization has reached this point. Life continues but the world is faced with a unique problem. At this point the Zohar reveals that will come the Messiah together with the Resurrection of the Dead. Through the work of building the kingship of God on earth, mankind has been given a chance to build their share in the afterlife.  The afterlife is a place where souls receive their reward for their good deeds and good works which they have done in their lives. The place where is received this reward is called the Garden of Eden for souls.

Resurrection changes darkness into light. In the prophecies of the resurrection of the dead at the end of time will be changed the whole world into a spiritual physical world without evil on a higher spiritual level than the Garden of Eden where dwelled Adam and Eve before the sin. After the resurrection of the dead there will no longer be sin or death. There is another concept of resurrection which is before the end of time when will come the resurrection of the dead.  Resurrection before the end of time is part of spiritual healing, the spiritual healing of the Garden of Eden, connected to the Messiah.

Just like there are two directions in spirituality which are the Garden of Eden before the first sin and the acceptance of the imperfection a man to work to build the Kingship of God on earth, there are also two Messiahs that God has appointed for this purpose. Recently in Judaism through Chassidism has been revealed in the Jewish world the Messiah within the world who lived and taught the secrets of Torah and the Messiah.

On the other side of spirituality was revealed Jesus as the Messiah. Both Messiahs are part of the Bible. The Bible became divided into two parts in the course of civilization called the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Jewish people are called the people of the Bible the Old Testament. Christians claim to have the New Testament. Jesus became the Messiah of the New Testament through resurrection three days after his death. Before Jesus was already revealed Elijah the prophet who elevated into heaven without death. In Mathew 17:3, Moses and Elijah stand before Jesus escorting him to fulfill his purpose as the Messiah. After the death of Jesus and his resurrection in the world remained darkness. Jesus was not received by all of mankind. On the contrary there were wars between Christianity and Islam, the Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman Empires, executions in the name of Jesus. These wars and atrocities are over with the help of God.

The greatest Kabbalist of our times who lived in Zefat Israel Rabbi Isaac Luria located the grave of Jesus in a field outside of the city of Zefat. Jesus had been buried in Jerusalem before his resurrection but his grave was in Zefat. The purpose of the resurrection of Jesus was to bring light and healing to the world. While the world is in darkness from Corona Pandemic the world needs spiritual healing.  Darkness is both physical disease and depression. In the plan of the Bible given to the world by Moses there is a place for another resurrection including Moses, Jesus and Mohammed. Moses death is recorded in the Torah in the last chapter but his burial place is unknown. The Zohar has revealed the resurrection of Moses which has been accepted by the greatest saints of Judaism including the Satmar Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum who is recognized for his outstanding scholarship.  Moses and Elijah are two Jewish saints who are connected to eternal life.

In the Universal Faith is revealed the resurrection of the three great prophets and the second resurrection of Jesus. The intention of the first resurrection of Jesus was to bring healing to the world. The world needs healing. The second resurrection of Jesus should now fulfill this purpose forever.

There should be complete healing for President Trump, Rabbi Chaim, and all the sick of the world.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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