Spring Thoughts: The Ides of March, the Coming Election and Lord of War

  • The ides of March have become a part of the historical collective consciousness because of history and literature.
  • This year will be consumed by the effort to win the coming elections in November and will be a defining moment in the history of our country and the world.
  • This month's movie is Lord of War based on a true story about weapon's merchants who profit by selling death.

The Ides of March

March is named after Mars, the Roman god of war. I have always associated March with the Ides of March, a time of trouble and uncertainty because of the fact that Julius Caesar was assassinated on the Ides of March (March 15) an event which changed Roman history. This historical assassination is retained in our collective memory and made even more famous by the play “Julius Caesar” by William Shakespeare and the novel “The Ides of March” by Thornton Wilder. March is also a time of new beginnings. March 19th is the vernal equinox– the first day of Spring with all the hope and excitement that the coming of Spring brings.

The Coming Election: A Defining Moment in History

With the Iowa caucuses past, we are now in full swing toward the presidential election with super Tuesday on March 3rd and on toward the Democratic nominating convention on July 13th and the presidential election on November 3rd.

I have been through many elections, but none is as important to our country as this election because the future of our democracy is at stake. We will not only be choosing a president, but a way of life that ultimately will affect every citizen. Will we choose an autocratic leader who will dictate to us how we should live and think, or will we choose a leader who will allow freedom of choice– a leader who will celebrate our diversity and make a better life for every citizen in our country?

That choice is now the choice of every voter to make and if we make the wrong choice as the Germans did in electing Hitler (who promised Germany he would make Germany great again) any loss of our freedom will be ultimately our own fault. It will be the most important task of every freedom-loving citizen to put all their energy and effort into preserving our precious democracy for the present and for all of our future generations

Movie: Lord of War

This month I saw the movie Lord of War (2005) with Nicolas Cage. This story is partly based on the real-life Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout. It is a moving and interesting portrait of the type of man who will sell weapons to anyone in the world who will pay his price. Nicolas Cage gives an accomplished performance of a man who only cares about money and doesn’t worry too much about the morality of what he is doing in selling death. It is also a portrait of the people in all countries who enable these weapon merchants to exist unchecked and unregulated. I had never before thought about all of the important leaders in our world who are complicit in the distribution of chaos and death.

This film was officially endorsed by the human rights group Amnesty International for highlighting arms trafficking by the international arms industry.

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