‘Square Hole’ Cloud Formation Found on Google Earth – Is it UFO-Related? [VIDEO]

  • YouTuber wonders if a "square hole" cloud is UFO-related.
  • "UFO" image found on Google Earth.
  • Does this YouTube video reveal previously unobserved extreme weather conditions?

A YouTube channel owner posted a video Wednesday showing what looks like a “square cloud” formation captured by the Google Earth satellite camera software. The weird, extreme weather pattern naturally has the YouTuber wondering, can it be UFO-related?

Actually looking more like a giant, wailing mouth, the cloud formation is pretty weird no matter its appearance. Aren’t clouds usually more circular? Or, even displaying no discernible pattern at all?

What makes this discovery more intriguing is the geography of the land nearby. It appears to be a frozen, mountainous region at the foot of a river delta. The YouTube channel owner provides no detail as to the location of the bizarre image, but does comment that it’s “One more strange and unexplained UFO activity uncovered by Google Earth.”

Ghosts on Google Maps
Weird cloud images are nothing new on Google Earth. But, for some reason, UFO hunters are quick to point to an alien visitor explanation. And, Google Maps is known for producing some strange results too. Take this image for instance, purported to be the ghostly figures of Jesus Christ and the virgin Mother Mary, hovering over a road in Sweden and discovered in 2013.

Google Earth is known for yielding up many strange images, with most being man-made objects or the result of screwy software glitches. But, as GE enthusiasts pore over the constantly updated satellite snapshots taken every day, some previously unobserved, natural phenomena is caught on camera, perhaps for the first time.

Because it’s harder for our brains to process an image we haven’t seen before, it’s inevitable that some will explain the unfamiliar likeness as something other-wordly, or, more commonly, evidence of an insidious government plot with the goal of enslaving humanity.

In this case, it’s more likely the result of unusual ground conditions influencing a local weather pattern. But, can anyone be blamed for thinking this image is really weird and inexplicable? Isn’t it exactly the kind of trail an emerging spacecraft would make as it leaves its secret mountain base and zooms through the cloud cover hovering above?

Closer scrutiny (the YouTuber, mun268, hovers over the image and magnifies it several times throughout the nearly one minute video) reveals the more eerie likeness to lips, tongue and soft-palette of a human mouth caught in mid-scream. Is the Earth trying to tell us something?

All kidding aside, this cloud formation is probably very rare and having access to sophisticated digital tools like Google Earth is a boon for extreme weather enthusiasts, amateur and professional alike. As the program continues to record the mundane, weird and, sometimes, unexplained phenomena happening all around us, GE gold-diggers will have lots of fertile ground to prospect for a long time to come.

And we don’t even have to leave our living rooms…

What do you think? Is this video evidence of UFO activity? Or is it just a weird cloud?

Please let us know, with a comment below.

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