State Leaders and Mayors Are Cowards

  • Are Our President and leaders are blind?
  • Why can they not see the terrorists in our streets?
  • As America burns they sit and watch.
  • Do we need to protect our country?

Another night of no sleep and as I watch the news I can not help but think, Where are our leaders and our President, as terrorists , pretending to be protesters are destroying  the lives of so many innocent people. As they use their greed and treason like behavior to suit their own need to steal and beat people and destroy property, they are destroying America.

These are terrorists activities.

These people are useless to society and with what they are doing to our country can never be repaired. This is all being done while our President, whom I still believe is the best hope for our country, and the Senate and House play their games of hatred and look the other way and do nothing to stop it.

Do they not realize if they let these terrorists continue, they will become more aggressive in their behavior. Many of you will let your bleeding hearts  and weak knees object to my using the name terrorists for these people, you say they are just expressing their opinions.

They want to get rid of police, who will protect us from them?

Well, I am here to say that what they are doing is ruining a lot of good peoples lives as they rob and steal and vandalize other peoples property, I they are no different than the terrorists. But even more, Mr. President, you promised to make America great again and you were doing a great job even though you have the self centered left fighting you all the way. But your doing nothing by letting these misfits ruin our country by letting them keep doing the harm they are doing.

If these cowardly state leaders and mayors can’t defend the states, then it is up to you. We couldn’t travel because of the pandemic, now we can’t travel for fear of those animals in the streets.

It is hard work destroying and stealing.

Wake up Mr. President, before America is destroyed. With out naming names, the leftist in our Government are doing their best to destroy the two party system and bring our country under a socialist, if not communist agenda. Right now, you need to stop this violent take over of The United States. Do you politicians not see the news, and does it not concern you?

If it doesn’t move you to do the jobs we pay you for, then maybe it is time for you to take all you have taken from us, and go to another country. You have done enough. Now let someone else take your place that will love this country of ours. I pray that this will be seen and read by you, Mr. President and the rest of you who are supposed to be working for us and not your own self interests.

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Richard Windish

I am a retired Independent Truck Driver and ran thru all 48 states and Canada and Alaska, with just over four million commercial miles. Since I retired I have written and published two books. One was a book on Salvation called (A Meeting in The Sky Will You be there?) and a fiction book called ( An American Truck Driver and Undercover Agent. I enjoy giving my opinion on the corrupt government leaders and the quiet take over of Michigan by a group who has as it's goal to take America from within.

4 thoughts to “State Leaders and Mayors Are Cowards”

  1. Terrorists who travel internationally and interstate fall under federal jurisdiction. It is up to the states and cities to handle the local rioters unless they request federal assistance. Whatever is being tolerated in the cities with riots is what the elected leadership wants or even has encouraged, be it tacit or active.

    Allowing these riots is a dangerous game with outcomes that affect lives, businesses, livelihoods, and the very heart and soul of the cities that tolerate this behavior. The responsibility falls DIRECTLY on the city leaders and then the state governors. Not until they ask for federal help can responsibility be placed on the President, and even then, responsibility still is upon the shoulders of the city leaders, especially for guiding the future of the city.

    Detroit still has not recovered from the aftermath of the 1967 riots. In 1960, Detroit was the fifth largest city in the US and now is ranked 24th, soon to be passed up in size by little Portland, Oregon, which was ranked 32 in 1960, and Las Vegas, which was not even in the top 100 cities in 1960. All three cities have similar geographic footprints.

    1. Thank you for answering. As I understand it, when a state fails to protect it’s citizens, and especially if they are controlling a part of that state, the President has the right to stop the situation from going farther. I know it is a very big decision to make, but what these vicious self centered people are doing is setting the example and way for others to do the same. Americans cannot plan a trip around our country because of the danger these people are causing. Have you seen photos of these animals crawling all over a car with a mother and her children inside? Think of the terror they are living , and there are more instances like this that the liberal press will not show. just say’in Rich (Wake up America and stand beside our police who have their hands tied.)

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