Storage in Salem / Keizer Oregon – Storage Oregon is the Local Low Cost Price Leader 

Storage Oregon has long been known among Salem residents as the most affordable trailer, RV, and semi truck storage in Salem Oregon. In addition to its low pricing, customers love the wide variety of extra services and amenities that Storage Oregon offers at no additional charge.

At Storage Oregon not only do we have the best prices in Salem Keizer for RV & Mini Self Storage we have one of the best security systems.

Starting with its heightened security, Storage Oregon offers a safe fenced yard with 6 foot high fences and barbed wire around the bulk of the property, and 50 feet thick blackberry bushes as high as a man stands along the back fence. Couple this with security conscious personnel living onsite, and cameras that cover the bulk of the property, Storage Oregon is about as safe of a place to store your property as you can ask for.

But the extras don’t stop there, Storage Salem Oregon provides a concrete work area/wash pad that customers are free to use any time. This work area comes equipped with RV/Trailer cleaning tools, a wash-bucket, and running water with a sprayer attachment for getting all that soap residue off. To top it all off, there is an air compressor ready to go to fill up your tires before a long trip (or when you get back – its always a good idea to load the pressure a little high before storing a vehicle or trailer) and also power, for buffing tools, pressure washers, or any other need. The best part is that as a customer you can even bring your personal vehicles in and wash them here, and save yourself some money at the car-wash (and get a much better job done of it too.)

That brings us to one of the best amenities, a free onsite sewer dump. As long as you are a customer you can come empty your tanks any time, and as often as you like – avoiding paying as much as $50 each time you have to empty your tank. For those of you keeping track at home that’s the same price as the monthly rent at Storage Oregon for mid range spaces.

Storage Oregon managers live on site!

That brings us to the new news. From the people who brought you more amenities for a lower cost, now comes lower cost mini-storage – With all of the above amenities included, in case you need them! Come by to get a dresser out of your storage? Wash your truck and buff it up while your here! Don’t forget to air up your tires, it is recommended that you test your tire pressure monthly, and why not take care of that for free while you already here checking on your stuff, or reorganizing!!!

Storage Salem Oregon new self storage units are completely watertight, and made of the highest quality materials. Best of all, they are priced to beat the competition. While other units have prices in the $110-$150 range for comparable sizes, Storage Oregons self storage units are only $90 per month. Why are they so much lower, well it has to do with their philosophy on doing business. The ownership has a simple motto that they transcribe across all of their businesses. Its a simple business tactic that has served them well in light of stiff competition. Better products and services, and lower prices. That’s it.

So the next time that you are looking for storage, be it mini storage, RVs boats, trailers or Semis, reach out to our friends at Storage Oregon, where better service is included, and lower costs are a way of life.

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