Strange Fires in Russian Hospitals Treating Patients with Coronavirus

  • The two fires occurred on May 9 and May 12 in two hospitals in Russia.
  • Six people infected with coronavirus died as a result fo the two fires.
  • The have also been suspicious window falls of three doctors criticizing the Russian government within a month.

In the past month, there are series of strange hospital events resulting in deaths reported in Russia. The epicenter seems to be Moscow, St. Petersburg and surrounding areas. On May 9th in Moscow Hospital #50, a fire broke out in the ICU treating coronavirus patients. One woman on a ventilator died and over 300 people had to be evacuated. At the time, the cause of fire was suspected to be a Russian Made Aventa-M ventilator.

On May 12, another fire broke out in an ICU treating COVID-19 patients at the St. George Hospital in St. Petersburg. It is reported five people with coronavirus died as a result of the fire and 150 people had to be evacuated from the hospital. The fire was extinguished a short time after.

The official response from the Kremlin is that the fires originated in the Aventa-M ventilators. These units are the most popular in Russia and are manufactured by the Ural instrument-making plant, which is part of the radio-Electronic technologies concern (KRET). These ventilators that used in a majority of the Russian hospitals. However, only patients with coronavirus and specifically ICU’s treating them are suddenly catching fires. Russia sent Aventa-M ventilators to the United States to aid with coronavirus treatment.

So what are the identities of the people who died and were they Kremlin foes?

Russian made Aventa-M Ventilator.

In the past month, two prominent oligarchs died as a result of “suicide” under suspicious conditions. Dmitry Bosov, the largest shareholder and head of the Board of Directors of Alltek group, committed suicide at his home in the village of Usovo near Moscow on May 6.

Bosov was 52 years old and according to FORBES was rated the 86th wealthiest Russian. His estate is valued over $1 billion. Earlier another influential and powerful man, Evgeniy Samusenko, was found dead outside his residence in a prestigious neighborhood in Moscow. The cause of death again was “suicide” and Samusenko was located laying on the ground in a position that would suggest a fall from the window. He was 60 years old and was involved in the precious metals trade.

Additionally, three doctors treating coronavirus patients, who spoke out against the government response, suspiciously fell out of windows. The incidents in question occurred on April 24, April 26 and May 1.

It seems Russian President Vladimir Putin is bringing a lot of changes. It all started this year with the proposed constitution amendments. The Kremlin is proposing a new foreign policy strategy which is expected to be announced in the next few months.

Now there are a series of recent events involving suspicious or unexplained deaths. Is the Kremlin trying to get rid of opponents under the guise of coronavirus. The classic strategy is masking the deaths as suicides. There is no democracy in Russia.

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