Strategize Your Next Mission Trip

  • The first mission trips were undertaken by some of Christ’s direct disciples.
  • In modern times, Developing Our World brings about a new way of organizing such missions dubbed ‘STM’, which is short for Short-Term Missions.
  • At Developing Our World, we have many different initiatives that bring about Holistic Community Development into practice.

A Christian Mission, if we can even call it that, can not just be summed up as an initiative intended to spread the Word of Christ; not that that would be the worst of ideas. Developing Our World, was and essentially has always been an instrument, crafted to achieve cross-cultural harmony if not anything else. The allurement of the Lord’s salvation is just an incentive.

It was roughly 30 to 80 A.D, that the first mission trips were undertaken by some of Christ’s direct disciples; who then later spread the good word across Egypt, all the way over to Asia through the entire African continent and the European colonies.

However, Christianity in its infancy, had the gospel arrive in just about all of the European countries, though it was limited to the members of the upper social class like the royalties and aristocrats at the time.

The missionary faith made its first giant leap as it was originally emerging from Palestine later spreading through the Mediterranean world. Paul was the first apostle to become the missionary to the Gentiles. With the assistance of St. Barnabas and other helpers – a majority of them women – Paul evangelized Asia and Europe. Also, benefiting from the roman empire at the time off their stability and the fact that the leading powers shared a common language.

It wasn’t much later that congregations started forming in homes attracting large numbers to the Christian faith.

During the 14 and 16th centuries, mission trips across the globe began to emerge, with the discovery of the new countries and continents. Missionaries would establish and build different communities and cities on the go.

Largely owing to the advent of the printing presses in the 16th and 17th century, the church – also marking the birth of the Protestant tangent – was able to upscale matters by putting the Bible, essentially in the hands of the masses encouraging further growth through translations into other languages – certainly becoming an iconic milestone achieved by the Christian Missions.

In modern times, Developing Our World brings about a new way of organizing such missions dubbed ‘STM’, which is short for Short-Term Missions. With strategic STMs we mobilize a Christian missionary to different places both domestic and international for varying time periods ranging between days to years and a lot of these short-term missions are also known as mission trips.

STMs, are a more contemporary form of what is an ancient practice for the common good. Youth With a Mission (YWAM), Operations Mobilization (OM) and Teen Missions International (TMI) are three of the pioneers in Short Term Missions and were found in the late 1940-50s.

The idea here was that even young people could be the torch bearers of the Christian faith, taking the divine light all over the world.

Nevertheless, it is of strong importance that a mission trip ought not to be taken lightly. It isn’t a vacation or a mere cross-cultural experience; it is a focus-mission with set criterion, objectives, tact and goals – just as it sounds. It is also not just about giving alms to the less fortunate or helping fellow long-term missions in their work. The main objective here is to put holistic communal living at harmony.

Our job at Developing Our World is to coordinate mission trips within in the US and abroad to cater to the earthly and spiritual needs of the world. Our belief is to also streamline relations between the churches, institutes, groups and/or organizations within the United States and globally; becoming a beacon of light and encouragement.

Working closely with realistic and achievable goals employing the use of strategic planning, we train, equip and prepare our STM teams strategically, before they embark on their journeys. As most people who go on their missions often get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of time, work and stress that comes with the planning of these trips. We make it our job to simply help others in prepping for their trips.

Designing your trips has never been easier, no matter if you are a church, institute, school, independent group or an individual, we offer a wide spread range of options to live out your premediated holistic community development plan into action.

As everything cannot be controlled or foreseen, the same can be said about these Mission Trips. They have the capacity to bring out the worst and/or the best in all of us. Whilst it has its rewards, Mission Trips can be some of the most demanding undertakings of your lifetime in terms of the physicality, spiritual and emotional aspects. It’s the effect of these things in your every day trivial matters which would bring you to push yourself beyond your known set limits – this is where you just learn to accept things with grace, whilst being firmly centered within yourself.

You do not choose to go on these missions, its God who chooses you. Now sending a Mission Team to foreign countries warrants for further work and planning. You may be able to surpass and even avoid many hurdles and troublesome scenarios if you have a proper plan before you leave, giving you that much needed mental peace. Trip planners are one thing, it is a must that you do your own research on the political climate, crime rate, terrorism and many other geo-political factors that come into play when you decide to depart for a place.

At Developing Our World, we have many different initiatives that bring about Holistic Community Development into practice that also include engaging in research and developmental work, creating a support system for rural schools, churches, clinics & other such establishments, laying the ground work for various agricultural and farming programs, dispatching clothing and other goods, providing medical assistance, establishing & aiding different local businesses, building homes and sending volunteers; essentially being able to spearhead many Holistic Community Development plans.

Submission is a strength, by subjecting our lives to the word of God and the scripture, you help share the love of Christ. No matter your profession, your unique set of skills and abilities are the tools, with which we shape a better tomorrow.  For this we have volunteer programs within the US even, encompassing nature of work like building maintenance, grounds and landscaping, painting, carpentry & handyman repairs, plumbing, food preparation, housekeeping, personal grooming and auto mechanical consignments.

Take time to truly know yourself and understand that God is leading you; knowing that even if there are complications know that it is the lord himself that provides for you. There are also many famous personalities throughout history who have been dedicated missionaries like the renowned Mother Teresa, William Carey, Jim Elliot, Amy Wilson Carmichael, Elisabeth Elliot, Gladys Aylward, David Livingstone, George Muller and many more.

Take the journey as way for you to learn, grow and explore. What sets a mission trip apart from a vacation is you. As we leave for these STMs, we realize we have a job on earth that can only be done through love, respect and patience.

Featuring different go to spots within the USA and the world, we have customizable mission trips for colleges, adults, high school and more. There is a place for everyone in the house of the lord. Though as with any organized system, we have guidelines and principles that are to be adhered to and agreed upon, before you embark on your mission trips. These are there for your own safety as we take a strategic route with our Short-Term Missions to better serve our divine purpose more effectively whilst accomplishing great feats.

In this day and age, there is a whole myriad of ways we can utilize mission trips for the collective betterment of all of us. There are Summer Missions, which can end up positively impacting a community, workplace or a company, whilst creating the leaders for tomorrow. Mediums of film and art can be used to portray the love of Christ in a modernized way, which is engaging and impactful to the masses of today.

Various student exchange programs could be introduced where our young missionaries could do their rightful work abroad whilst people of different cultures and nations learn about the Christian faith hands on and learn about its many bountiful blessings.

It is not like such initiatives aren’t already being implemented, good ideas are always plenty it’s the execution that matters. International aid trips and medical assistance is always needed in the more turbulent regions of the world. By partnering up, the difference that we make may end up having a lasting effect long after your return.

After your return, your perception of reality may be a little warped, some may even go as far as calling it ‘reverse culture shock.’ It is just a new way of looking at things. ‘Normal life’ then, can be a little challenging at first. People around you may notice little changes in your demeanor and that ‘spiritual high’ post-trip, gets a little more contained and easier to handle, blooming within you as you come to terms to your new higher self and understandings of creating self-sustaining Holistic community development programs.

Miguel Torneire

Is the founder and the Executive Director of Developing Our World, an organization that seeks to put holistic community development into action. He loves Jesus! And, he is a husband, a father, a Lutheran Pastor, a Missionary, an Author, a flamenguista (a supporter of Clube de Regatas do Flamengo soccer team), and a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner.

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