Strong Government – Universal Faith – Corona

  • Corona has brought the world closer to the goal of World Unity.
  • Strong Government is essential for life.
  • Corona has brought the religions of the world together in prayer.

Corona has opened up the eyes of mankind to the importance of strong government. At the time of a crisis is more realized the need for a strong government. The American entertainer Madonna in her website called Corona the great equalizer.  Bill Gates the multi billionaire said, Corona crisis is like a world war but everyone is one the same side. The statements of Madonna and Bill Gates have a great connection both expressing the need for unity in the time of a great crisis like Corona. Bill de Blasio the mayor of New York said, People need strong government for life especially in times of crisis.

Netanyahu is talking with Jordanian King Abdullah II. The new Israeli government is planning annexation of the West Bank. The West Bank belonged to Jordan who gave it to the PLO.

Until technology developed through air travel, and telecommunications each nations could exist as a separate unit even to close their borders like nations have closed their borders during Corona crisis. There are nations today during civil war and for the purpose of national security that shut down internet. India the world’s largest democracy shuts down internet more than any other democracy.

There is sometimes a need for separating nations and also a need for open borders.  Very few nations are economically independent. The holocaust where six million Jews were slaughtered in concentration camps shows the importance of open telecommunications, not to hide your eyes from the atrocities including poverty on the other side of the world.

King Solomon taught, “there is a time for everything, a time to live a time to die, a time to plant a time to harvest, a time to close your eyes and a time to open them, a time for work a time for rest.” In the Corona crisis there is a time to close air traffic between nations.  Israel was fortunate to close its borders early and today is returning to normalcy. Other nations are returning to normalcy. Corona closed the borders between nations; now is the time to begin to open them slowly.

Corona is teaching the need for World Unity; it is also teaching the need for national security.  A nation is a separate unit in the world with designated borders run by a government. Today there is no world government but through technology world unity has become a goal for each nation.  After World War II was established the United Nations. National security takes precedence over World Unity.

Israel is seeking National security; the United Nations continues to vote against Israel concerning annexation of the West Bank. Israel feels a need for annexation of the West Bank. The United Nations feels it is a danger to world unity. America under Trump leadership feels annexation of the West Bank important for Israel without being a threat to world unity. World Unity is an ideal for all nations; national security is an obligation. Strong government is important. Strong government needs strong secure borders.

Palestinians have expressed outrage at Israel’s plans to cement hold on further land in which they are hoping to make a state.

Corona is called the great equalizer revealing the goal of world unity but each nation has its first obligation to its own people to protect them from disease. Corona has opened up our eyes in both directions the need for strong government; and the need for world unity. Strong government comes first in the battle with Corona. World Unity was the goal of technology but Corona has separated all the nations of the world from tourism. World Economy has been crippled.

Madonna and Bill Gates are partially correct. Bill De Blasio the mayor of NY hit hardest by Corona stated, Government is necessary for life. Government controls its people from within to provide for them the needs of life which are food, shelter and health. The first concern of government is its own nation and national security. Madonna and Bill Gates are looking at the macrocosm of the world.  The mayor of New York is looking at the microcosm. The holocaust and world disasters teach to consider the people of the other nations not only your own nation.

There is a need for World Unity.  The need for world unity came after the need for National security. Only after developed technology has been realized by mankind the need for world unity. The need was always there but the achievement of world unity was impossible. Today world unity has become a goal. Corona has separated the nations of the world but they are attempting to return to normalcy. World Unity has never been established on earth.  There is always a goal of world unity and after Corona it still remains a goal.

The Jewish people were commanded by the Law of Moses to always remain a separate nation.  The Biblical nation of Israel is called an eternal nation.  The eternal nation of Israel is written on parchment in the five books of Moses. Judaism is the religion of the eternal nation of Israel. Israel after three elections has finally been able to organize a government with Netanyahu as its Prime Minister and Benny Gantz his substitute. They are in the process of organizing the government by appointing ministers.

In order to reach a compromise between Netanyahu and Benny Gantz it became necessary to appoint 36 ministers an unheard of amount of ministers in one government. Netanyahu was not able to satisfy even his own supporters and the party Yamina the Zionist Religious Party with seven mandates refused to join the new government because they were denied the ministerial positions which they demanded. One of their leaders Naftali Bennet in the narrow government of Netanyahu was Minister of Defense. The new government is heading for annexation of the West Bank which Yamina was the strongest supporter but on the issue of ministerial positions they have joined the opposition.

The two leaders of the Yamina religious zionist party have joined the opposition against Netanyahu and Gantz over a disagreement about ministerial positions. They were from the strongest supporters of Netanyahu.

Israel is seeking National security through annexation of the West Bank. Annexation of the West Bank may endanger peace with Jordan since Jordan relinquished hold on the West Bank and gave it over to Arafat and the PLO. Corona has interfered with World Unity but points a finger at its importance. Corona also points a finger at the importance of National security the need for strong government.

World War II united the nations of the world to form the UN. Corona has united the Monotheistic religions of the world in interfaith prayer. Their leaders stood two meters apart each one praying in his own words. They stood united in one prayer for healing of the world from Corona. They each stood separately approaching God in their own way. Nations have been united through the UN but each nations is still separate. First importance for each nation is a strong government. This is true for Israel and all the nations of the world.

The Universal faith has united the three religions through the resurrection of Moses. The prophet of Baha”i initiated the idea of interfaith unity in Acre during the Ottoman Empire. The religions remain separate each having its own scripture. The Universal Faith is not a religion but a faith united through resurrection.  Through resurrection is removed all evil from the world. Only these three prophets Moses, Jesus and Mohammed have resurrected and are free from evil and hatred. The followers of the religions which they established remain separate imperfect human beings.

Through the Universal faith they are now separate and united. It is an improvement but not perfect. The perfection will only come at the end of time through the resurrection of all souls and bodies. Since there is still no perfection yet, the Universal faith is not accepted by everyone in the world who are part of these three religions. The secular may not believe in God, resurrection, or in the Universal faith. However the secular humanitarian believes in World Unity and strong government.  Corona has united the secular and religious because without health, there is no life. The Universal faith teaches that without religion there is no life. God is one and without God there is no peace and unity. The Unity of God on earth about which it says in Zechariah 14:9, And God will be king of the whole earth, in this day God will be one and his name will be one, will come through the Universal faith and through the resurrection of the dead at the end of time. Corona has brought us closer to this goal. We are in the Messianic days.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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