Strong Numbing for Hair Removal – Making Even the Most Painful Procedures Bearable

All across the country, beauty salons, laser hair removal clinics, and day spas are switching to Numbify for their hair removal procedures. The reason why? Numbify’s Strongest Numbing Challenge!!!

You see, Numbify is known nationwide for its three core principles of business integrity. Being a pharmaceutical company with the highest level of commitment to integrity, Numbify’s leadership believes that it is their duty to uphold these three principles.

  1. Stronger Numbing – It’s easy to see why this would be a core principle, for a product line of numbing products. The thing is, topical procedures like waxing, laser hair removal, or plucking can all be quite painful. It’s true that with time you can build a tolerance to the pain, and grit your teeth and get through it, but who wants to do that? Having heard the phrase “beauty is pain” one too many times, we think that it doesn’t have to be true with Numbify.
  2. Natural Ingredients – Everywhere you go, natural ingredients are flouted as being healthier, safer options for everything from coffee to eye cream, to your great aunt Ida’s famous tomato salad. That’s a big part of why Numbify goes natural whenever possible. The other part is their dedication to quality. They never choose abrasive, unhealthy, or cheap chemical fillers for their products, as many of their competitors do, and that makes a huge difference in how your skin will behave during the procedure.
  3. Low Cost Pricing – It is insane how pricey lidocaine creams and sprays can get. A quick review on amazon showed some brands charging as much as $22.50 an ounce. Other places are selling as high as $764 for a 3.9 ounce container, and one seller actually listed their product at $690 for a 0.5 ounce tube. And these products aren’t even as effective as Numbify! You will never get that from Numbify. It is part of their mission to keep their products affordable.

The saddest part is that because of the competitiveness in today’s business world, most of Numbify’s competitors – companies who the public has put their trust in to manufacture their medicine – have resorted to devious means to promote their products.

It used to be that you could trust the people who make your medicine to at the very least tell you the truth about their products. Now that online reviews have become such a huge part of the process of deciding which brand to buy, many companies have resorted to paying review farms for thousands upon thousands of fake reviews.

It’s not just positive reviews for their products either, many companies are resorting to extremely unethical methods like buying fake negative reviews for their competitors products. That is something you will never see at Numbify.

In fact, that is why they created the Numbify Strongest Numbing Challenge. They have challenged the entire field of numbing products to side-by-side 3rd party testing with the winner taking the title of Strongest Numbing Agent. So far – no one has beaten them!

The other side to that challenge is that they are also offering free samples of their products to any laser hair removal company, day spa, or beauty salon that is considering carrying their products in their shop. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to or give them a call at (877) 906-4806 today!

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