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Submitting Article to News Sites as a Contributor


This article is about how to become a contributor who gets their news articles listed on Google News. This article is not about building a website or blog business to work with Google News.

Most writers simply want to write news and don’t want to deal with all the work involved in building an internet company. If you’re a journalist, and/or a quality writer, and you want to get into the news cycle, than this article is for you.

Selecting the Website to Submit your Article

So, first you have to find a website/business that is open to contributor submissions and that also is published by the Google News services.

These open platform companies that publish on Google News must also have gatekeepers — an editorial staff that reads and approves every single news article. Google News doesn’t publish articles themselves. They only work with established news websites and blogs.

So here are the only 4 open platform sites (that we know of) that qualify using the above standards.  There might me more but we did a pretty intensive search.

All News  including Financial Financial News only
  1. They are newer, fastest growing and best at promoting the writer.
  2. Articles are free to the viewer.
  3. Easy to follow website and easy to follow your article placement.
  4. Best writer’s bio.
  5. Website quality OK with the strongest writer support and promotion.
  6. Pays the highest rate for news writers.
  1. They are the largest contributor network – Only Financial.
  2. Viewer must buy a subscription to read your article.
  3. Easy to follow website and your article placement.
  4. Very good writer’s bio.
  5. Very advanced website with some writer support.
  6. Pays for news writers.
  1. They are small – stocks only.
  2. Articles are free to the viewer.
  3. Hard to follow website and articles.
  4. OK writer’s bio.
  5. Very advanced website with very poor writer support.
  6. Has has paid options but you could get zero.
  1. They are large but writers are a very small part of their business. Financial news only. Articles are hard to find and roll off very fast.
  2. Articles are free to the viewer but embedded with many other items. Hard to follow your articles.
  3. No links on the article.
  4. They control the writer’s bio.
  5. Poorest website with writer support.
  6. Has no paid options


After selecting a web company to start writing your news, some of your articles may not qualify as “news,” so with Communal News and Seeking Alpha they publish you into their blogs.   A very good percentage of Communal Blog articles, if well written, will get picked up by  Google news.  If your provide Press Releases or Market Research Communal News can get you published on Google news, but your artcile has the be new and fresh.  With Seeking Alpha blog your article will basically never be seen again.    With the other two (Guru Focus and, they just flat out reject you.

Remember outside of stocks, bonds and commodities the only real solution is Communal News. So after finding a website that you want to contribute for, choose a topic that’s newsworthy.  The more newsworthy your article, the faster Google publishes. Political, sports championship games and stock market stories are all approved quite fast. Do It Yourself (DIY), lifestyle or Top Ten lists (articles that are viewed as promotional vs highly professional) might take days to publish on Google, but also quite likely will never get into the news hub, unless of course your article is of superior quality.

Write Quality News Articles to Get Accepted

First, make sure your article is fresh and original. Never copy and please don’t regurgitate an article you just read.  When you write your news article, always use multiple high quality “news” sources. Have at least three current and relative facts in you article supported by professional links (even more would be preferred).

Source the articles with links of the utmost quality. For example, link to the FDA for healthcare stories or the SEC for finance stories. If possible have many “Google News sites” for links. Do a search of Google news first when you are doing research. If you’re going to have links to your own site within the article, make sure the outside links are of significantly higher quality than your own site and that they greatly outnumber yours. Don’t include more than three links to your own company. All the platforms listed above have a limit of 3 company links. does not allow your links in the article at all, only in the writer’s bio.

You want to put your own very personal spin on each article. Quote someone you know. Put in your own experiences, especially if it makes the article more realistic and truthful. Have several photos or graphs, and professionally source them. Give credit where credit is do.

The more relevant the news, the faster Google will approve you. At first it seems like a lot of extra work, but in time you get very accustomed to the extra steps needed to make your articles succeed. Plus, readers recognize very quickly the high quality authors.

Building a Business

Both Seeking Alpha and Communal News allow the writers to build a business. Seeking Alpha pays contributors based on page views. However, because they often limit the outside public viewers (most articles are only accessible with a paid subscription), you’re often limited in who can access and read your articles. So many of the writers have migrated (with Seeking Alpha’s helpful hand) into becoming  a paid weekly newsletter writer.

The Communal News paid contributors services is newer and they pay more. Plus the readership is open to all viewers as they are advertising based. CN is growing faster, but since it is smaller it does not have as large a reader base as Seeking Alpha.

Guru Focus has a pay scale we found hard to understand and you might not get paid

Write Good Articles for the Readers

This is possibly the most important and often forgotten point. Make sure your contributions are very readable. The computer might not be able to tell the difference, but all four sites have an editor that will review the work before publishing. Thus you have to make it through a gatekeeper even before Google Analytics tries to index your article. On the better sites the editors will even be helpful.

When choosing which company to write for professionally (or just  submitting an occasional article), please carefully consider what we’ve written about all four websites. Of course, since we are writing on Communal News, you know we have a strong preference. Even though I mostly write financial news, I dislike being limited to a single category (both in writing and reading).

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