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(Image: Google News is a news aggregator and app developed by Google. It presents a continuous, customizable flow of articles organized from thousands of publishers and magazines. Google News is available on Android, iOS, and the web.

The online world is rapidly changing and it takes a lot of work for the individual and/or small company to get noticed on the web. That’s why Communal News introduced their new their online contributor platform, allowing writers and journalists to focus on their craft while letting Communal News do the heavy lifting of your internet digital distribution helping you Get Published !

The news, social media and internet website messaging business has become more competitive every year. To have access to a simple, free service that greatly expands your writing exposure (and number of readers!) is becoming more valuable every day.

The First Step:  Register as a Contributor

We ask you to fill out your biography. Communal News publishes your bio and often, after your first blog or news article goes live, your bio will begin to appear both in Google Organic Search and in Google News Search. Most of our best bios can be found in a Google News search. The better written the bio, the more likely that it will be published by Google News.

A CN contributor had her bio posted on  Google News after her first news article was published on Google News.

The Second Step: You Submit your Contributor Articles

To help you, our editors will check your work including spelling, grammar and sentence structure to increase your readership. We will suggest some ideas to increase your news relevance, like linking to top sources and adding graphics and/or quality photos. We also ask you to tag, names, political parties, events, etc. The combination of tags and links expands your news placement across the internet and greatly increase the relevance of your article.


Often new CN Contributors have made our front page. We have grown very fast and we are redoubling our efforts to increase readership.

After your news article achieves approval, we publish it on Communal News.

Communal News articles are picked up and published on Google News– America’s largest newshub by far. Our CN News, Blogs and Market Research are all published on Google and Bing Organic Search.

Click to see resent Communal News and Blog posts on Google News.

Not all articles get published on the search engine news section but the majority of our contributors have been with our help. Not all articles score well in “relevance” within the news or organic search algorithms, but over time we have been able to significantly improve most writers.

The organic search gets picked up by Yahoo, Duck Duck go and more. Often in Google Organic Search the accepted news articles receive significantly higher ranking/placement over similar posts that Google has not defined as news articles.

We are currently working with Bing News to have our articles added to their newshub, as well as:


These are a couple of our quality photos from our CN Contributor network. This image is from our Communal News Twitter account (linked to

Apple News for iPhone
Yahoo News

When you submit to Communal News we work to distribute your article. For example, we publish a link to your post on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn. This greatly increases the diversity of your readership.

Communal News provides one of the largest free internet distribution networks with the ability to greatly increase and improve your recognition and exposure.  For companies and professional websites, we allow up to three links back to your website, company or product (only if the links are relevant), and as many links as needed to provide third party validation. Communal News service is free to sign up as a Communal News Contributor. Our platform will help you to develop and grow your following.

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