Subskile Becomes a More Advanced DJ and Sets an Example for Other DJs

  • Subskile has done 8 virtual concerts online.
  • Starting out is difficult, but you should still keep going.

If you don’t know who Subskile is, this will really help you out. Subskile is a generally happy British DJ and music producer. His career has already become extremely successful, despite only starting out on music a few months ago. He has released a few successful tracks such as ‘Swag Goat’, ‘Funky Hips’, ‘Horror.EXE’, and more. He loves making music and never wants to stop. Also, he inspired a few of his friends to make music too.  He releases all tracks on top streaming platforms such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and many more. He gets a couple of streams on his music each week, which he is always happy about.

A few days ago, Subskile upgraded his DJing by getting the Numark Mixtrack Platnium FX. He posted a video on YouTube saying ‘I got the Numark Mixtrack Platnium FX’, and you can really see by that clip that he is really improving with DJing with it. He did a pretty impressive mix in the video as well. Is he becoming a more advanced DJ? It seems so.

What does this mean? With more impressive DJ videos online, more people will be sharing his content and his name will be put out more. He is slowly on the rise to fame, and he’ll one day be as famous as Marshmello, Slushii, and all the other famous DJs.

Furthermore, Subskile believes that hard work and dedication leads to success. Never ever give up on what you love, he says. That is the case with his DJing and music producing, and he was able to become successful with it. He believes giving up is the worst thing you can do.

As well as that, Subskile is inspiring other people to DJ. There were a few people who became inspired, and others that just love him as a DJ.

So far, Subskile has done 8 virtual concerts online (all on YouTube). He said he will ‘definitely’ do more at one point, as he just can’t stop DJing. DJing is his main hobby without a doubt.

If you didn’t know, in November 2020, Subskile actually got to talk to, and play Fortnite, his favourite ever DJ, Slushii! He said that is one the most happiest he has ever been.

Speaking of Slushii, he is definitely who inspired Subskile the most to become what he is today. He is super thankful to Slushii for everyone. Another person who inspired him is Marshmello. They are 2 really talented, kind, and persevering DJs.

If you ever want to become a DJ also follow Subskile’s advice. Starting out is difficult, but you should still keep going. This is exactly what happened to Subskile, but look at him now! He’s becoming a very advanced DJ and it’s amazing!

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