Addiction is a Skin Disease

Addiction is a skin disease. I bet you never heard that one before. But it’s true. Let me explain.

I was once at a communal bathhouse that had three pools to choose from. The first is unheated (not very popular, but used), the second is heated like a warm, cozy bath (by far, the people’s choice), and the third one, well, let’s say you could use it to brew a good cup of coffee. I mean, the thing is steaming! Anyone dumb or brave enough to try it takes about a quarter hour to get in – getting used to it inch by inch – and emerging, after a second, looking like a refugee from a lobster pot.

The World’s Most Addictive Drugs – Are You Hooked?

In 2018 more Americans overdosed (both accidentally and intentionally) on prescription drugs than on any other potentially addictive chemical substance – combined. This once overlooked epidemic has only increased over the last 3 years, but at least has lead to greater awareness about addictive drugs and their dangers. While this scourge continues, Americans are now learning more about the devastating effects of all addictive substances, both legal and outlawed. Here is some of what we’ve learned so far about the most addictive drugs on Earth.