“Battle of the Bridges” Brings New Confrontations in Iraq

Vіоlеnt сlаѕhеѕ еruрtеd іn Bаghdаd оn Sаturdау between rіоt роlісе and dеmоnѕtrаtоrѕ nеаr the аl-Ahrаr bridge, іn thе сеntеr of the саріtаl. It is the latest escalation in more than 40 days оf Iraqi protests. According to news sources, renewed clashes took place between the demonstrators and riot forces on the fourth consecutive day. Troops used tear gas intensively in Al-Rashid Street, in central Baghdad.

Finally! Iraqi Prime Minister Announces Package of Reforms

The Iraqi government, headed by Adil Abdul-Mahdi, announced a package of resolutions Sunday, following popular demonstrations that took place in several Iraqi cities over the past five days against the deterioration of the economic situation in the country. Following an extraordinary session of the Council of Ministers, the government revealed several urgent decisions on the housing and unemployment crises.

Iraq Under Martial Law After Scores Dead in Protests

Thousands took to the streets of Iraqi cities for the third day despite the introduction of anti-riot police throughout the main cities. So far, at least 42 Iraqis have been killed and hundreds more injured. On Thursday, Iraqi cities, including the capital Baghdad, again saw thousands of people protest. The demonstrations continued despite the prohibition of traffic and the heavy presence of police.