Benefits of Slate Roofing for Your Business Building or Warehouse

If you’re a proud owner of a business with headquarters in the real world (as opposed to online ones), or some warehouses where you keep your equipment or products, the sort of roof you’re going to set up can mean the difference between keeping all of your assets safe and well-protected, and having a mini-flood inside these buildings any time it rains.

The Bigger Picture

Ever wondered why some people wake up in the morning with so much energy? Ever wondered why some people are so determined to make it in life and others merely get by and just exist? Ever wondered why some people who you went to school with are doing so well and getting wealthy, buying properties investing in stocks etc., while some are still floating about with no sense of direction whatsoever?

See the Judge in You, Note the Grudge in Others

Do you love to tell people how to live their life? There is no dearth of family, friends, colleagues, even magazines websites offering plenty of advice about what you should or shouldn’t do. How you should (or shouldn’t) eat, drink, dress, exercise, shop, vote, believe (or not believe). Shannon. L. Alder says, ”often those that criticize others reveal what he himself lacks.”

Dietary Do’s And Don’ts For Kids Diagnosed With ADHD – How Can Parents Help Beyond Medication?

Whether or not ADHD (Attention Deficit-Hyperactive Disorder) is a made-up condition doesn’t seem to matter to the millions of doctors prescribing powerful psychotropic drugs to a whole new generation of Ritalin-addicted third graders. But, what about when the kids get the munchies? Here are some dietary Do’s and Don’ts for children diagnosed with ADHD that may keep this modern scourge (which used to be called hyperactivity) under control and help kids shut up, sit down and pay attention. Now, where were we?

How to Have A Productive Business Trip?

Business trips are usually fast and can be stressful. In some cases, if we are not prepared ahead of time, we can suffer from negative external impacts such as flight delays, loss of luggage, jetlag, loss of time on transfers and waits in security lines. Knowing that these factors can hardly be eliminated, what can be done to minimize them in order to have a more productive business trip?

Will Today’s Wisdom Be Relevant Tomorrow?

Life is full of surprises that are too numerous to count. Most of the things we do today are results of decision taken yesterday. Some are good with nice results, while, others are bad with painful outcome!

Whatever we may do, we are bound to experience the outcome of decisions taken at any point in time.

According to the story of the prodigal son as recorded in the Holy Bible, he took a decision to collect is heritage while the father was alive. What a strange decision? It was never done or heard that heritage are apportioned while the owner is still living. Notwithstanding, the prodigal son took a decision that was right In his to own his portion of the wealth earlier than schedule.

To the prodigal son at time moment it was wise and normal. Therefore, he did all to collect the heritage and it was given unto him. But few years later proofed the prodigal son to be unwise because it was recorded that he lavished everything and turned to be so poor. Luke 15:11-19 ( The prodigal son )

Marriage Tonic: Learn To Say “I am Sorry”

Most couples do find it extremely to say: “I am sorry” when accused of doing something wrong, unexpected or harmful. Instead of tendering unreserved apology, they will be uttering statements that can make them to be justified. Those partners who are sincere and mature will always admit when accused for doing things wrong. Saying, am sorry is a good sign of humility and maturity in marriage! In fact, saying SORRY is a good balm that offers lasting span for successful marriage today. Couples must always be ready to promptly and sincerely ready to tender unreserved apology when accused of any wrong doing if peace will reign in any relationship under heaven. Never proof you are right or wrong, instead, simply say: i am sorry. You will save yourself from terrible or several headaches attached to such ugly situation.

Oh No! Does Your Website Have a BooBoo?

The business tool that should be considered the most important in the box is your website. It serves you every day, 24 hours a day and it is the billboard for every aspect of your business. It generates leads, is a storefront and the anchor for all of your social media sites. It is the first impression that a visitor gets about you and your business. So…when developing your website, you have to ask yourself several questions. Is the site interesting? Does it intrigue a visitor? Does it work on both a cell phone and a regular desktop computer? Does the site “flow” from one page to the next or are there things that make its readability and speed slow and uneven? Designing a website is not easy and you have many different aspects of it to consider. Before any mistakes are made, the following is a list of possible problems that you should look out for and correct as soon as possible.

How to Gain Happiness and Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is all about happiness.

Usually we start searching for peace of mind after 50-60% of our life is already completed, but I feel one has to understand the meaning of happiness at a very early age to gain peace of mind.

First, every person needs to focus on reducing the unnecessary needs in their life, and try to be happy with whatever one has. Parents are the key players in this process, to help children understand how to be happy rather than trying to fill their unnecessary wants and needs.

Developing Thoughts About an Individual

The purpose of writing this article is to showcase how we develop thoughts about an individual.

The current world has been increasing the restrictions in how we communicate with other people, personal and professional, including from boss to employee, brother to sister, parent to child etc. Sometimes I think is it because there are new changes happening in every century or because of new technology or perhaps even because of our egos. WHY?