Four Killed in Car Bomb Attack in Mogadishu

Four people were killed and ten others injured when a car bomb exploded close to a checkpoint near Somalia’s parliament in the capital Mogadishu, police have said. “Explosives were packed in a vehicle which the security forces think was trying to pass through the checkpoint but because he could not do that, the suicide bomber detonated it,” said a police officer, Adan Abdullahi. “Initial reports we have received indicate four people were killed and more than ten others wounded in the blast,” he added.

Al-Shabaab Attacks U.S. Military Base in Kenya, Three Killed

Security was heightened in Kenya after an attack by al-Shabaab at a military base in Lamu that is usually used by US and Kenyan military personnel. A US military service member and two US contractors were killed in the attack. Two other Department of Defense personnel were injured is Sunday’s attack on Manda Bay Airfield in Lamu County. “The wounded Americans are in stable condition and being evacuated,” African Command (AFRICOM) said in a statement.

Al-Shabaab Claims Responsibility for Saturday’s Blast in Somalia

The al-Shabbab militant group has claimed responsibility for Saturday’s blast in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu, a tragedy that claimed 80 people and injured dozens. The official spokesperson of the group, Ali Mohamud Rageh, also known as Ali Dhere, made the statement through the group’s official station, Radio Andalus. Ali Dhere added that the attack targeted a Turkish convoy and security officers at the city’s busy Ex-Control junction.

Somalia Truck Bomb Blast Kills at Least 76

A car bomb blast on Saturday in a busy area of ​​Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu, left dozens dead and injured in one of the worst attacks in the country in years. Saturday is a working day in the Muslim-dominated country, and the blast occurred during rush hour in the morning, leaving the site full of debris and burned and bloody vehicles. There is a discrepancy in the death toll, which has not yet been confirmed by the local authorities.

Somalia Hotel Attack Leaves Ten Dead

At least 10 people died after five gunmen attacked a hotel near the presidential palace in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu. The deadly attack left the five attackers, three civilians and two soldiers dead. Eleven people were injured during the attack. “The security officers have finally accomplished the operation they have been conducting in Somali Youth League Hotel, the entire of the five attackers have been killed, and five people have been killed in the attack,” the government spokesperson, Ismail Mukhtar, tweeted early Wednesday.