Israel Roundup: Immunity for Netanyahu, a Pardon for Yissachar

Discussions will begin next week in the Knesset on whether to grant Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu immunity from prosecution. Netanyahu has been indicted for fraud, bribery and breach of trust, which he feels are not severe to interfere with his ability to be Prime Minister. Blue and White, his opponents in the next elections, have pushed for hearings on immunity to be held before the elections in March.

Anti-Semites in America Are Also Anti-Trump

People want to blame President Trump for the constant anti-Semitic attacks on Jews like the attack in Jersey City and the attack in Monsey.  For sure during the four year term of President Trump has risen the amount of hate crimes.  Blaming President Trump for these crimes contradicts the truth. More than any other President of America President Trump fights against hate crimes.

Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism? Discussion

The controversy over anti-semitism and anti-Zionism is connected to the opposition of Americans today to President Trump and the claims that President Trump is a racist. President Trump has accepted Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  President Trump supports the annexation of the Golan Heights by Israel. People of America are claiming that President Trump and his rhetoric causes violence like the two recent incidents in Dayton Ohio and El Paso Texas. During the Obama administration there were also incidents of domestic terrorism.

Freedom of Religion

Freedom of religion has become part of the Law of God. This past week in Seattle a football coach was suspended for praying in public.  In Covington Kentucky the catholic school was closed because of threats to its students by neighbors.  President Trump invited these children to be his guests in the White House. President Trump is a strong supporter of freedom of religion.

The law of God is written on parchment which is called in Judaism a Torah Scroll.  The Torah scroll is called the Old Testament, the five books of Moses. From the Torah scroll is derived Jewish law and Christian law.

Moses the prophet gave to the world the Law of God. The Jewish people received and accepted the Law of Moses.  From the Law of Moses they made their nation and their religion.  Jews claim to have the only interpretation of the law.  Christians and Moslem differ and say that there are other interpretation of the law. 

God created the world like it says “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”  There is uncertainty who is God.  God is the unknown source of creation. There are those that look at creation with the purpose to know God and love God. In this way God can be related to the unity of opposites male and female, or the opposites attraction and repulsion which are in the breath of life.  Others do not attempt to know God at all, but accept God with simple faith. 

On The Pittsburgh Massacre

There are many reasons to hate Jews and Muslims for people living in a Free World and who love freedom because Judaism and Muslim religions are against freedom.  Even Orthodox Christianity or Protestantism are also against freedom even though Jesus their God was the champion for freedom.  In all religions there is racism.  Judaism was the first of these religions and made a Jewish religious state in an age when the whole world was filled with paganism and lawlessness.  There wasn’t in those days another choice for the leaders of the Jewish people other than to make a dictatorship with a King.  All the other Pagan nations living in the world at that time were dictatorships with a King . The Jewish people under the leadership of Moses and Joshua made also a dictatorship with a King but the nation of Israel was governed according to justice the law of God which influenced other nations in the Modern World to adopt laws not to kill, not to steal. not to commit adultery people are considered innocent until proven guilty.  However Jewish law did not include in it freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom of speech like in democracy.  The nation had to protect their people from the evil influences of the pagan cultures around them.