Smart Kitchen Appliances Market to Register Favorable Growth

Smart kitchen appliances offer higher efficiency, convenience, comfort, and increased safety over traditional kitchen appliances. They are equipped with different hardware and components with advanced connectivity features and sensing technologies through which they are connected to tablets or mobile phones to offer remote access. Efficient power consumption, increased energy saving, reduction in wastage, increased comfort, enhanced productivity, and safety are some of the key benefits of using these kitchen appliances. They are premium kitchen appliances that have been specially designed for high performance and optimum efficiency.

Megohmmeters Market Growth Driven by Increased Demand

Rapid industrialization is creating a need for high-performance and low-risk devices. These devices are used for testing and maintaining safety at workplaces for employees. Various industries are using megohmmeters because of their high capacity and the ability to create DC voltage from an internal battery. The availability of megohmmeters in different voltage and current ranges is also helping end users to get megohmmeters as per their specific requirements.

Bring Home 9.0% YTM with Conn’s Inc., Bonds Maturing July 2022

This week’s bond review delves into the retail sector with a specialty retailer of durable consumer goods who also offers its customers financing on their purchases. Conn’s Inc., which is headquartered in Texas, has a market presence that stretches across the southern United States. Conn’s set some records in its most recent quarterly results (third quarter for its fiscal year 2019).

  • Record third quarter retail gross margin of 41.2%
  • Record quarterly credit segment revenues of $89.9 million.
  • For the first nine months of fiscal year 2019, the company registered its second highest nine month operating income ever
  • Excellent interest coverage of 2.4x.