Australia Labor Unions Angry at JobKeeper Pay Scale Drop

Labor claims that Australians should be concerned as job losses are taking place in several fields of employment. The government is removing its funding as it is most needed and does not have a strategy for employment. The Morrison government faces scrutiny of its solution to the issue of the Australian economy because of the fact that it decides to reduce wage subsidies.

Australia — Tourism Industry Calls for Greater Clarification

Thousands of tourism companies in Sydney fear closure without Government funding to shore them up. So in order to ensure tourism industry’s longevity, the government would have to foot a large part of bill. In case of the success of the JobKeeper salary subsidy program over the three months’ extension, the expense of expanding the scheme may be as high as $1 billion.

Things to Do in the Blue Mountains NSW – 2020 Travel Guide

Filled with eclectic scenes, thrilling and quirky natural features, and exciting heritage-listed phenomena, the Blue Mountains are arguably the best places to travel to and even spend a few nights in all of New South Wales, Australia. Like most iconic places around the world, you will most likely become confused about what to do in this incredible world when you arrive, which is why I’m presenting you a refined list of the top things to do in the Blue Mountains.

China’s Coal Ban May Cost Australia $15 Billion a Year

China’s coal ban may cost Australia US$15 billion a year.” As many foreign media hyped the news that “China suspends coal imports from Australia”, “Australia News Network” 18th issue published an article by Tariq Brook, a well-known Australian journalist. According to the article, if China announces the ban, it will mark the “biggest escalation” in the China-Australian trade conflict.

Australian Drug Driver Filmed and Abused Dying Police Officers

A court in Australia has heard that a Porsche driver, who has a criminal record, had abused one of the policemen killed by a truck on Wednesday as they carried out their duties. The driver, Richard Pusey, had been stopped by police officers for over speeding. The Melbourne court was told that leading senior constable, Lynette Taylor, was heard calling for help when the accused driver went to where the police officer lay and started filming.

What Are Some Penalties in Australia If You Are Charged for Reckless Driving?

The instances where a human has suffered a grievous injury or even death have been present in the Australian road accident scenario. According to the available statistics, there were 1146 road deaths in Australia in 2018. The year before saw the death rate of 4.98 per 100000 individuals in the Australian road and traffic setting. The prosecution of these cases is usually representative of the government. However, you can always call upon a reckless driving lawyer to present your case and defend your position in court.

The Benefits of Professional Year Program in Adelaide

Australia, for the past few years is facing a dearth of skilled workers in various parts of the nation. But, this shortage of skilled workers has to be compensated, or else a country like Australia has to face its dire consequences. Keeping that factor in mind Australia has framed the Professional Year Program (PYP) for its international students. The total duration of this course is 44 weeks divided into two separate segments i.e. 32 weeks for the course training and 12 weeks for internship respectively.

Coronavirus: India Under Lockdown, Spain Calls in NATO

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced a nationwide lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus, which will begin Wednesday. The lockdown, which began at midnight local time, will run for 20 days. In a televised address, Mr. Modi said “there will be a complete ban on travel outside the home.” Soon after the announcement, the country started buying necessities.

US Proposes Blue Dots Agreement to Counter One Belt One Road Initiative in Asia

This week there was a discussion in Russia about the possible countermeasures the US is planning against China’s One Belt One Road Initiative. Interestingly, due to the coronavirus and China, the stock markets are experiencing a turmoil.

The reason for the discussions is to develop additional strategies between Russia and China pertaining to the One Belt, One Road initiative, despite the virus outbreak. US Secretary Mike Pompeo also announced that  US President Donald Trump has invited Southeast Asian leaders for a meeting in Las Vegas next month. The summit is supposed to take place March 12, 2020.

Australian Bushfires Brought Under Control by Rain

The New South Wales Rural Fire Service has announced it was able to control all forest fires in the state with the help of rainy days. Meanwhile, the Bureau of Meteorology issued a strong warning Monday to the entire coastal area of ​​New South Wales. In parts of the state, the danger of flooding was life-threatening. Some of the suburbs of Sydney, the state capital, had to be evacuated. 

Australian Bushfires Death Toll Rises to 23

Australia’s death toll from fires has risen to 23, with more than 1,500 homes destroyed, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Saturday. “We are facing another extremely difficult next 24 hours,” Morrison said at a televised news conference. “In recent times, particularly over the course of the balance of this week, we have seen this disaster escalate to an entirely new level.”

Australian Fires Kill Two, Thousands Seek Refuge on the Beach

At least two people have died, five are missing, and thousands have opted for refuge on beaches due to wildfires that are devastating southeastern Australia, officials said on Tuesday. Several dozen new fire outbreaks erupted on Tuesday.
“Following the tragic death last night of a volunteer firefighter, police confirmed two deaths in Cobargo. A third person is missing,” Gladys Berijiklian, the state’s head of government, told a news conference.

Sydney Faces “Catastrophic” Threat as Fires Rage

Australian оffісіаlѕ have wаrnеd оf thе роtеntіаl “catastrophic” thrеаt роѕеd bу natural fіrеѕ in the ѕuburbѕ of Sуdnеу, thе соuntrу’ѕ lаrgеѕt city. Vulnеrаblе residents wеrе wаrnеd to leave thе аrеа аnd ѕееk rеfugе in ѕhорріng malls. At lеаѕt thrее people have dіеd іn Auѕtrаlіа’ѕ wildfires in recent days аnd thоuѕаndѕ have flеd their hоmеѕ. On Sundау, mоrе thаn fіvе nаturаl fіrеѕ continued іn thе two states оf Nеw Sоuth Wales and Quееnѕlаnd.

Uluru Mountain Closed to Climbers After Final Friday Ascents

In Australia, Friday was the lаѕt day for tourists to climb Uluru mountain. Clіmbіng the mountain іѕ now рrоhіbіtеd іn оrdеr to hоnоr thе wіll of thе nаtіvеѕ of thе аrеа. This huge rосk, also knоwn as Aуеrѕ Rock, wіll bе реrmаnеntlу off limits begining Sаturdау. Uluru Mountain is a rеd sandstone rосk lосаtеd іn thе Nоrthеrn Territory іn сеntrаl Auѕtrаlіа. Uluru іѕ four mеtеrѕ hіgh аnd is knоwn іntеrnаtіоnаllу fоr іtѕ rеd color. Thе Uluru Rосk Mountains аrе ѕасrеd tо the Ananguѕ, natives оf thе аrеа. They hаvе long bееn саllіng fоr tоurіѕtѕ to ѕtор сlіmbіng thе rock.

What to Consider When Moving Interstate in Australia

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, during 2017-2018, almost 393,000 people moved interstate, up by 4.3% from the previous year. Further, about 43% of Australians moved their home in the past 5 years. So, moving interstate is a likely decision for most of Australia’s population. Nonetheless, whether you’re moving for lifestyle or work, just like the states vary, so do the challenges you’ll face when moving. Either way, here’s a list of the top 5 tips to guarantee a seamless relocation experience whenever you decide to change the scenery in Australia.

Frisco Search Warrant Quashed, Aussie Police Wanted Prints in Pair of Press Raids

On Thursday, a judge voided a search warrant used by the San Francisco Police Department to monitor a journalist’s phone.  The warrant was then used to gather information in advance of a controversial raid on the apartment and news operation of Bryan Carmody, who published a leaked police report and refused to divulge its source.  Meanwhile, more details are emerging down under on a similar raid on Australia’s public broadcaster.  In a troubling time worldwide for press freedoms, this week provided much-needed good news, and a dose of disinfecting daylight.

Mexico Wants to Appease Trump and Send National Guard to Southern Border

Negotiations take days in Washington- but still breakthrough is missing. If nothing happens, US tariffs will apply to all imports from Mexico on Monday. The Mexican government is now making concessions.

To appease US President Donald Trump in the migration dispute, Mexico wants to deploy 6,000 National Guardsmen on its Southern border. Mexican Foreign Minister, Marcelo Ebrard said this on Thursday in talks with US officials in Washington. This is to prevent the entry of Central American migrants on their way to the USA. The Mexican government wants to prevent with a set of concessions that Trump raises from Monday to punitive tariffs on Mexican imports.

Police Raids on Media Continue Alarming Trend

If there’s one thing we learned as children, it’s that terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad days can happen anywhere, even in Australia. Evidently, so can attacks on press freedom. Two police raids in two days on the nation’s public broadcaster, ABC, shocked those in and out of the country. For journalists and those concerned with protecting the freedom of the press, the raids are part of an alarming trend across ostensible western democracies.