Coronavirus Response – Private Sector Mobilizes Resources

“The new coronavirus disease is attacking societies at their core, claiming lives and people’s livelihoods,” the Secretary General said, speaking at the UN headquarters in New York at the launch of a report on the socioeconomic impact of the outbreak. “Covid-19 is the greatest test that we have faced together since the formation of the United Nations,” he said, adding that “an immediate coordinated health response to suppress transmission and end the pandemic” is needed.

Cyber Security as a Service Market Sees Steady Growth

Cyber security as a service is a combination of practices and processes employed to protect systems, networks and data from breaches, attacks and unauthorized access. Cyber security as a service for organizations is an operating expense (Opex) rather than capital expense (Capx) and it manages network security, confidential data protection and enables organizations to respond to incidents taking place immediately.