Tropical Storm Humberto Hits Bahamas, Threatens Recovery After Dorian

Recovery in the northern Bahamas from Dorian last week is being threatened with increasing difficulty this week. Tropical Storm Humberto will pass through the region on Saturday. The National Hurricane Center announced the threat of a new tropical storm after early warnings emerged on Friday of an increasingly intense tropical cyclone depression heading towards the islands.

Bahamas’ Count of Dorian Missing Drops, Thousands Still Unaccounted For

Government officials in the Bahamas now say that 1,300 people are missing following Hurricane Dorian, which recently ravaged the islands. This is down from an original estimate of 2,500 missing as a result of the Category 5 hurricane. Officials say the figure for missing persons may include people who have fled to relief centers in various locations in the islands.

Hurricane Dorian Hits Canada, Leaves Thousands in Darkness

After causing mass damages in the Bahamas, as well as North Carolina, Hurricane Dorian made landfall Saturday afternoon in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It uprooted trees, blew off roofs and disrupted electricity supply, leaving several in darkness. Hurricane Dorian reached the extreme east of Canada with strong winds on Sunday and left hundreds of thousands of people without power supply.