Online and Offline ADA Compliance

Complying with the guidelines set by the American Disabilities Act (ADA) govern a lot of local establishments ranging from small businesses, restaurants and churches to large, multi-state corporations. But did know that ADA compliance applies to online businesses as well?

Online ADA Compliance

Any business that owns and operates a website needs to be compliant with ADA standards. And when it comes to the web, these standards are defined by a handful of things including image alt tags, screen-reader friendly colors, fonts that are large enough to be read and giving users the option to make adjustments on the fly. These adjustments may include highlighting links on a page, changing the page’s colors to grayscale or increasing the contrast, and of course, being able to zoom in on various elements of a site.

The Ultimate SEO Guide for B2B Technology Companies

In the previous years, Search Engine Optimization has become one of the main pillars of digital B2C marketing. According to a recent survey, SEO is capable of driving 1000%+ more traffic than organic social media, while 53.3% of all website traffic comes from search engines like Google and Bing.

These numbers perfectly illustrate the scope and influence the SEO industry has achieved in the B2C sector.

7 Leadership Trends for 2021

In business, leadership is everything. Recruiting a team of experts for your team is easy, but guiding them to complete a task isn’t. You’re not dealing with tools or software, which means a strict and stubborn approach won’t do you any good. To achieve success in business, you must be a true leader. The problem is, achieving this is as difficult as it sounds.

How to Create an Effective Global Business Strategy

There is great potential when taking your business global, but you need a strategy. In the United States, more than 20 percent of the world’s total income is generated. With so much financial flow coming from America, it’s important to know international business strategy so your company can succeed.

For those looking for more information, check out these guides all about how to create an effective global business strategy. Read on to learn more.

Top 5 Benefits of Taking Business and Management Courses

When you have dreams and desires of becoming a business owner, taking up the Business Management Courses will be an excellent idea for you. The things you will learn through the course will help you establish an enterprise of your own. Apart from that, the course will also be highly beneficial for you if you want a job at a high-level financial company or a corporation.

5 Easy Steps to Follow to Start a New Tech Company

There is one question many entrepreneurs frequently get – How do you start a new tech company with little capital?

The answer to this question is tricky and depends on the type of company you want to start. But before you get excited, it’s needful to know that the average survival rate of new businesses doesn’t exceed 10 percent. A whopping 90 percent of startups close down before they ever reach maturity.

4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Business’s Efficiency

The efficiency of operations in every business signals a higher growth rate in the future. When performing at peak efficiency levels, numerous benefits also follow, the major advantage is increased profits. Efficiency allows businesses to come up with bigger plans for the future growth of the enterprise. Another benefit of more efficiency is the reduction of downtime and saves on time used in resolving complications. Here are some of the strategies that you should use to increase your enterprise’s efficiency.

Top 3 Businesses to Start With the Least Money and Skills

Life is hard in this era of competition but it’s even harder without a proper income. Because everything costs money, and if your income is low, it would become a dilemma for you to meet the everyday needs. If you can’t get a better job, surely you need to do something more to add up your earnings.

What can you do?

You might believe that people run businesses besides a job, but you can’t do it because you might not have money or skills, etc. If it be so, I will share some finest businesses with you that everyone can start in this modern era with the least money or zero cost.

Side Hustle – How to Turn Your Ideas into Money

If this is the first time you’re hearing of a side hustle, let me elaborate – generally speaking, a side hustle is something you do “on the side” that brings in extra money, in addition to your mainstream of income. The income your side hustle brings in is often directly related to the effort you put in. It can involve spending 1 to 2 hours a week completing surveys or using rebate programs, or it can be a full-fledged business that you grow in the evenings and weekends, spending 10 to 15 hours a week. Side hustles can bring in anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand a month!

Women Entrepreneurs – 7 Tips to Overcome Any Self Doubt or Imposter Syndrome and 10 Business Tips to Succeed

You’ve probably heard the term ‘fake it til’ you make it’ before. When it comes to business, this can be valuable advice when you first start out. But for many, the feeling of ‘faking it’ carries on far too long and can be detrimental to one’s success. Imposter syndrome can deeply affect your business or career progression; women entrepreneurs around the world have reported feeling like an ‘imposter’ more than ever.

11 Ways Mentally Strong Entrepreneurs Succeed Against All Odds

There are several things that successful entrepreneurs have in common. They can be in an entirely different industry, with diverse backgrounds, education and experiences, yet they all practice the same habits. These habits or ways of life are the foundation for their success. If you are pursuing your dream of becoming an entrepreneur, you should embrace the following 11 ways mentally strong entrepreneurs succeed against all odds. These tried and true practices will improve your mind and body, allowing you to reach your potential and make your entrepreneurial dreams a reality!

How to Effectively Conduct a Business Competitive Analysis?

What’s the best way to be a step ahead of your major competitors? There are various ways and one of them is doing a business competitive analysis. Only by an in-depth understanding of how they strategize and conduct business and comparing them on your own methods. It helps you develop a more solid, competitive business plan. It goes by saying, the better you understand your competitors, the more powerful you become to scale up your business in notches.

What to Do If Your Business Goes Under

Though you have the best intentions when it comes to your business, there are some instances where things don’t work out. Be it a downturn in the economy. unstable finances, or health emergencies, one thing can cause your company to falter. Eventually, it can’t stand the strain and collapses.

Your business wouldn’t be the first one this happened to. One in four Canadian businesses fails within the first 10 years. Some of them don’t get further than the first year of operation. It certainly hurts. However, it’s not the end of everything.

Benefits Of Custom Mobile Application Development For Your Business

Off-the-shelf software has become more bespoke than ever before. With the rise of cloud-based solutions, smaller companies can scale to their demands and get access to the sort of services that richer companies have without having to pay the premium. That said, more general apps are rarely ever going to be a perfect fit for your company. If you’ve discounted custom application development services as outside of your reach, you may want to reconsider your options. Custom mobile application development, in particular, is becoming more accessible and customizable than ever before.

How to Make Sales Through a Corporate Blog

Having a blog attached to your company’s website is a marketing trend nowadays. Many business owners develop a blog just because they know they should, not because they have a clear strategy behind. Unfortunately, without a marketing and content plan for your corporate blog, you will feel after a while that it’s not worth the investment. The reality is totally different and business owners should not underestimate a blog’s potential. Moreover, when you build a corporate blog, you should have in mind one simple rule: it shouldn’t be about only about your company. Then, what should a corporate blog be about? Keep reading this article and learn how to make sales through a corporate blog.

A Guide to Last Chance Agreements

Managing personnel brings with it any number of potential problems. Being a supervisor or risk manager means being responsible for the performance of the employees within your organization.

Sometimes, employees have issues that affect their ability to effectively carry out their duties. If those issues are bad enough, they can warrant termination. But there are tools available for managing employees who are otherwise an asset to the organization and who need to take corrective actions to address those issues.