11 Ways Mentally Strong Entrepreneurs Succeed Against All Odds

There are several things that successful entrepreneurs have in common. They can be in an entirely different industry, with diverse backgrounds, education and experiences, yet they all practice the same habits. These habits or ways of life are the foundation for their success. If you are pursuing your dream of becoming an entrepreneur, you should embrace the following 11 ways mentally strong entrepreneurs succeed against all odds. These tried and true practices will improve your mind and body, allowing you to reach your potential and make your entrepreneurial dreams a reality!

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Business Run Smoothly

The operation flow of a business can be a clear indication of its future performance and success. If your day-to-day operations are met by a swarm of hiccups, whether it’s an employee calling in sick again or a piece of production equipment malfunctioning, your business is stunted. Start your business’ year right with these five easy yet powerful ways to streamline your operations.

Most People Love Roses – Even Sydneysiders

Roses are the most sought after gifts worldwide, and the case is not much different in Australia. The warm feelings and happiness that roses possess have asserted their position as the world’s most popular flower. They hold a magical power to carry the sender’s heart’s emotions to the receiver’s heart. Popular florists are always striving to develop new bouquet arrangement ideas on the east coast because fresh flowers in Sydney have a huge fan-following.

4 Essential Benefits of Hiring Professional House Cleaning Services

People spend a large portion of their lives inside their homes. This is especially true now with the ongoing global pandemic. Nevertheless, its implications for homeowners in terms of keeping their households clean remains the same.

A clean house makes for a comfortable and safe place where you and your family can be together. With the current situation, this has never been more important. Still, it does raise one important question: should you do the task yourself, or should you hire professional house cleaning services?

What to Do If Your Business Goes Under

Though you have the best intentions when it comes to your business, there are some instances where things don’t work out. Be it a downturn in the economy. unstable finances, or health emergencies, one thing can cause your company to falter. Eventually, it can’t stand the strain and collapses.

Your business wouldn’t be the first one this happened to. One in four Canadian businesses fails within the first 10 years. Some of them don’t get further than the first year of operation. It certainly hurts. However, it’s not the end of everything.

Lesiba mothupi Tells the True-Life Success Stories of Top Entrepreneurs

Lesiba Mothupi has gone through a lot of struggles from a very young age, his willpower has helped him to overcome it and run a million dollar business institution.

Lesiba Mothupi was born in the year 1997 in a town named Polokwane, South Africa. Mothupi has two siblings and he is the middle one. At a very young age he had to shift to a new place named Lephalale. Lesiba says, “I was never the smartest in my class. At the age of 14 I lived in a garage with my mom and two siblings and the age of 14 years old I got into entrepreneurship with a friend selling sweets and chips.”

4 Secrets to Improving Your Local Marketing Strategy

For a lot of small businesses, the macro strategy is not nearly as important as their local activity. Why? Well, because they’re probably providing services locally or have no means to deliver their products across the globe. Still, a lot of these businesses mistakenly overspend on making a marketing strategy that is not locally-oriented. While this doesn’t necessarily have to be a mistake, it’s always slight mismanagement of their resources. With that in mind and without further ado, here are the top four secrets to figuring this out.

6 Tips to Turn Your Hobby into a Business

Have you ever had a hobby you wished you did for a living? Maybe it’s the right time to start thinking about creating your own business. Hobbies are fun past-time activities, but can you really make money doing something you love?

Absolutely. If you’ve got the right idea, motivation, and a will to start the business, you should give it a try. That’s why we’ve come up with 6 tips that will help you turn your hobby into a profitable business. Just follow them, and you’ll be on the right track!

Optimizing Fleet Management With IoT Technology

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system for networking devices through real-time data communication. Through IoT, smart solutions to a host of problems can be devised and managed. In fleet management, this means optimization across systems to produce a safer, more cost-effective industry.

IoT integration ranges through all kinds of devices. With all kinds of sensors and GPS tracking systems available, smart devices are here in fleet management. Optimizing for cost-effectiveness and safer practices, however, requires an educated approach to data and device integration.

Benefits of Slate Roofing for Your Business Building or Warehouse

If you’re a proud owner of a business with headquarters in the real world (as opposed to online ones), or some warehouses where you keep your equipment or products, the sort of roof you’re going to set up can mean the difference between keeping all of your assets safe and well-protected, and having a mini-flood inside these buildings any time it rains.

Who Really Won From Brexit?

On January 31, 2020, the Brexit was won by the United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson. This was a major victory for the conservative party and a long-awaited step toward their independence from the European Union. Prime Minister Johnson is the man chosen by the people to lead them through a time that will go down in Britain’s history.

Basics of Buying a Franchise Business

Buying a franchise business is a great way to invest your money if you can afford it. The benefit to a franchise is that you aren’t starting a completely new business from scratch and you aren’t buying an entire established business either. Owning a franchise is a nice middle ground, since you do have some established aspects of the business but you aren’t in charge of everything at once. You are a partner to the franchisor who helps your franchise become successful along the way.

How a Linux VPS Can Help Thrive Your Business?

VPS or Virtual Private Server has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Since the introduction of the internet over two decades ago, more and more people have taken to the online world to market and sell all kinds of products. The Internet has successfully brought the world within the palms and fingertips of an individual. This has brought all kinds of markets from the offline world of TV promotional, billboards, and newspapers to the online world. Lots of well-established businesses are as easily taking to the internet as an entrepreneur or a student.

What to Look for When Buying a Business Laptop?

A business laptop is a computer specially constructed to tolerate heavier workload and prolonged usage, making it particularly ideal for business work. They are built stronger, lighter, and are more efficient for rougher times and hectic situations. Some of them are also more secure and tougher than regular laptops for personal usage because a business laptop has more confidential files and cannot be afforded to be broken easily.

Why SEO is Essential During a Time of COVID-19

The biggest advantage of the internet is that it is always open for business. Regardless of stay-at-home restrictions and shut-downs, people have been able to acquire information, supplies and just about every other essential service they need thanks to the web in 2020. The coronavirus has impacted virtually every industry and cost businesses millions of dollars in revenue; the natural response may be to scale back marketing efforts in an effort to preserve the existing budget, but SEO and digital strategy is more important than ever during COVID-19.

Effectively Managing Your Workforce

Effective and strategic management is a must in every workplace. No matter what company you are part of or running, you need to manage and motivate your employees properly so that they can work towards attaining your vision. Aside from making sure operations are smooth, and company objectives are attained, you also have to learn how to lead your team and motivate them during stressful times. There are many challenges, indeed, but with the right mindset and qualities, you will be able to improve as a manager.

The Future Of Online Food Delivery Apps

“If your plans don’t include mobile phones, your plans are not finished,” quotes Wendy Clark, the Senior Vice President (Integrated Marketing) of Coca-Cola companies. Mobile phones have become an integral part of people’s lives. According to reports, almost 4 billion people in the world have access to mobile phones. The revolution of on-demand apps is visible with the increased popularity of these apps. Besides, the Coronavirus pandemic has left people stranded to their homes. Moreover, people fear to step out of their homes due to the higher chances of disease contraction.

How to Ship Perishables and Keep Them Fresh During Transport

Shipping perishable foods is an emerging market. Those working from home are ordering more frozen foods because they are easier to handle and cook. Here’s how to ship perishables if you’re thinking about starting this business.

Before you ship a perishable product, you have to ensure that the packaging is well-insulated. The package has to keep heat away from the product to prevent it from going bad. Here are a few shipping solutions for temperature-sensitive products:

Long Term Storage Tips to Store Your Stuff When Going Away

Life can be unpredictable. If you work for a multinational, you may be assigned to a different country. When that happens, you have to leave everything behind and move to your new home. If you’re going to come back, you should store your things in a temporary long-term storage unit so that you don’t have to pay rent on the apartment. The following tips suggested by Easy Storage, self-storage units for rent in Thailand will help you to organize your stuff.

Study: How to Achieve Better Self-Control and Retrain Yourself

Coronavirus changed the trajectory of certain behaviors. The conditions of self-isolation are forcing people to adapt to changes around the globe. There are many who are self-reflecting and even looking to change their business course. For example, a popular enterpreneur from Ukraine, Andrey Burenok, who is an owner of TripMyDream travel service launched his own Youtube channel about self-reflection.

The Definitive Guide to Analytics for Mid-Size Retailers

With the e-commerce retail market growing by 18%   in 2018, faster than the original expectation of 11% set by analysts, you might be feeling the pressures of keeping your brand relevant and retaining customer loyalty online and offline. For many midsize retailers, the growth in 2018 of over 16,000 new direct-to-consumer brands emerging online is creating an overcrowded marketplace.

CYBERPOL Has Access to Your Bitcoin Wallet – Is It Still Anonymous?

On Sunday, May 3, the President of CYBERPOL Ricardo Baretzky stated they now have access to all bitcoin wallets. Interest in cryptocurrencies in the modern world is growing exponentially, and it is difficult to find a person who has not heard about bitcoins. Money is the equivalent of the cost of goods and services, as well as a means of exchange and savings. Traditional currencies, such as dollars, euros, rubles, and so on, are called Fiat money and are issued by Central banks of the Nations. PayPal and others operate using Fiat money.

How Pavel Melnikov Managed to Build a Successful Enterprise

Taking your business from a start-up phase and transforming it into a large enterprise is a major step for every entrepreneur. Each business owner who manages to reach the top has a story of their own to share, and one of them is Pavel Melnikov – a Russian businessman, investor, innovator, and the sole owner of several profitable companies, who is considered to be one of the most successful Russian entrepreneurs to date. 

The Network for the Digital Business Starts with the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

The digital business is all about speed. Time to develop new products, deliver them to the market, and respond to a change in business conditions or the competitive landscape. Technology is how speed happens, and IT must enable the business to get things done. Automation, agility, elasticity, and flexibility are some of the traits of the modern IT infrastructure, which is already demonstrated via the increased usage of cloud computing.

Skills You Learn Working as a Sales Agent

Not every great salesperson is born. If you lack the skills that make a great salesman, a few short months working in the position can change that. You see, salesmen learn as they earn and the more knowledge they possess, the more money they pocket. Each day brings new information and skills that a salesperson can learn. It is up to that person to use the information that is presented to them each day in their sales position to their benefit. Exactly what type of skills does a person learn when they take the position of a salesman?

How to Take Your Startup to the Next Level

Starting a small business is something over 600,000 people do in the United States each year. Turning a startup business venture into a successful company is quite challenging. With all of the competition the world of small business, it can be hard to get your message across to consumers.

If you are tired of just barely getting by as a business owner, it is time to develop a strategy to take your company to the next level. Without a roadmap of where you want to go and how to get there, it will be impossible to accomplish your business goals. Here are some of the things you need to consider when trying to take your business to the next level.

Why is Life Difficult Without Money?

Money is a a good visitor to have at any time in life. When you have money in your pocket or bank account, your worries are less or over. Most worries today are attributed to money-related concerns in society. Money is equally vital to human existence in life because we need it to solve or resolve several issues. The wheel of life is rolling perfectly well with money as the oil or grease that kept it on.

The Forrester Wave: Recurring Customer And Billing Management

Forrester’s research uncovered a market in which Zuora, goTransverse, and Aria Systems lead; BillingPlatform, Apttus, SAP Hybris, and Digital River follow close behind; and Oracle and Vindicia offer competitive solutions for specific needs. This market is growing because more digital business professionals see this software as a way to manage innovative business models and solve acute billing pain points with increasingly empowered customers.

Customer Engagement Solutions Market to Witness Massive Growth

According to the new market research “Customer Engagement Solutions Market by Component (Solutions, Services), Deployment Type (Cloud, On-premises), Organization Size, Vertical (BFSI, Telecommunication, Consumer Goods & Retail), and Region – Global Forecast to 2023″, published by MarketsandMarkets, the customer engagement solutions market projected to grow from $14.08 billion in 2018 to $23.19 billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 10.5% during the forecast period.

5 Benefits of Teamwork in Your Company

Teamwork has the potential to keep your organization strong and competitive. It helps your business to stay focused on delivering mission-critical projects to your global clients and enjoy a win-win situation, overcoming all business challenges.

According to an article published on Inc.com, collaboration helps in achieving a common goal for growth and expansion. When the teammates in your company identify a common and focused business objective, such as acquiring leads converting them into loyal customers, enhancing profits, or taking an initiative in a new product launch, there is nothing like it. All team members work hard to achieve that goal.

Future Proof Your Business With Network Services

At Comcast Business we understand your customers’ needs are changing. Today’s customer is looking for a holistic IT solutions provider that can provide cloud-based network services and outsourced infrastructure. That’s why Comcast Business offers a reliable, experienced, and respected industry channel program for partners looking to add network services to their portfolio. With the Comcast Business Solutions Provider Program, you’ll be able to sell a full line of small and mid-market business products from Comcast to your customers.

Workplace Mediation and How It Can Have a Positive Impact on Employee Morale

It’s unfortunate to think that disputes between employees can occur in a professional workplace, but with so many personalities and opinions congregated in small working environments it’s understandable why these can occur. They should be dealt with in an appropriate and efficient manner but even internal policies can be unhelpful to finding a suitable resolution.

Is Yemen Turning into Saudi Arabia’s Vietnam?

The Saudi monarchy experienced attacks against their oil production facilities in the last week. Tensions in the Middle East escalated following the drone attacks on the two largest oil facilities in Saudi Arabia. Yemen’s Houthi rebels claimed responsibility for the attacks.

The global economic impact will be felt, since Saudi Arabia lost more than half of their crude output via the attacks. The nation is the number one oil producer in the world, holds 5% of the global oil supply, and cut output by 5.7 million barrels per day. last year, Aramco’s net income was $111.1 billion.

99 Cents Only Stores Update – Restructuring News

This week, Durig Capital provides a brief update on 99 Cents Only Stores LLC, a deep discount retailer whose bonds we have reviewed in the past for our Fixed Income 2 (FX2) High Yield Managed Income Portfolio. 99 Cents Only Stores has recently been challenged by its outstanding debt obligations. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Deep discount retailer 99 Cents Only Stores recently completed an arrangement with creditors which would eliminate many of their short term debt obligations.

  • Debt to equity swaps are a common method  companies use to improve liquidity.

  • Under the newly agreed upon terms, 99 Cents Only Stores will issue common and preferred stock for some of its outstanding debt.

 Recent Financial Statements

Should You Invest in Silver? Is Now a Good Time to Buy?

Precious metals have always been a popular investment among those looking for a hedge against inflation or for a way to decrease the volatility of their portfolios. Although silver is not commonly seen as a high yield investment, it can actually be quite profitable. If you bought silver in July of 2009, when it was worth around $13 an ounce, and sold it in April of 2011, when it was worth $47 an ounce, you would have pocketed a 260% return on your investment over 21 months.