Image Guided Surgery Devices Market ‘Rescheduled’

The image guided surgery devices market is estimated to reach a $4.9 billion valuation between the years of projection from 2020 to 2025. The ongoing coronavirus outbreak has restricted short term demand for such medical equipment. Postpone elective medical procedures during lockdowns and moderate supply chain disruptions for essential components are expected to limit market prospects.

Immunotherapy Drugs Market Targets Future Growth

The global immunotherapy drugs market includes a detailed segmentation by drug type (monoclonal antibodies, vaccine, non-specific immunotherapies, adaptive cell therapy, and others), by treatment area (cancer, inflammatory and autoimmune disease, infectious disease, and others), by regions (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Rest of the World). The market has witnessed steady growth in the past few years, and the introduction of novel products has increased the acceptance of immunotherapy drugs in the market.

Sales of Blood Collection Tubes for Liquid Biopsy Fill Market Demand

The global blood collection tubes for liquid biopsy market is set to rise at a healthy CAGR of 6% between 2019 and 2029. Leading manufacturers of blood collection tubes for liquid biopsy are investing efforts in direct sale distribution channels and more effective promotional strategies. “The healthcare industry is consistently witnessing an increase in the number of biopsy procedures every year, due to the high prevalence of cancer. This, in turn, has led to the growth of the blood collection tubes for liquid biopsy market, which has aided in early diagnosis of cancer,” says the Fact.MR report.

Hydrolyzed Collagen Conveying Market Value

Hydrolyzed collagen, also known as collagen peptides, is composed of small peptides that is obtained by breaking down the collagen into smaller fragments obtained from the skin, connective tissues and bones of animals including beef, pig, fish, and more. It is rich in essential amino acids including hydroxyproline, glycine, and proline. It is available in liquid, powder, and capsule forms in the market through different distribution channels, such as online stores, medical stores, and others.

Hunt for Novel Cancer Treatment Options and Rise of T-Cell Immunotherapies

Novel Cancer is known to be one of the leading causes of death worldwide, accounting for more than 600,000 deaths in 2018 in the US alone. As per the recent reports by, the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of new cancer cases globally is expected to rise by 70% in the coming 20 years. Despite cancer being one of the most active areas in terms of drug development, there is still a significant unmet need in this space.

Russian Scientists New Cancer Cure Using Nanotechnology

Russian scientists presented a new research paper claiming a cure for colon cancer. The new part of protocol treatment included using hyperthermia-heating at a specific temperature by nanoparticles. The drug is based on cobalt ferrite (CoFe2O4) nanoparticles, a hard magnetic material that has high coercivity and moderate magnetization. The particles should be single domain, of pure phase, having high coercivity and medium magnetization.

Russian Researchers Proposed New Class of The Anti Cancer Drugs

Russian scientists in collaboration with Belarusian researchers proposed a new class of drugs that will aid in the treatment of cancerous tumors. The drugs proposed are based on using palladium and platinum. The class of drugs based on platinum derivatives is now considered one of the most effective in the fight against tumors.

The most common of them in clinical practice is cisplatin that contains a heavy metal complex with a central atom of platinum surrounded by two chloride atoms and two ammonia molecules in the cis position. It is a white powder with the molecular formula PtCl2H6N2, and a molecular weight of 300.05.  However, its poor water solubility and high toxicity led to the development of new anticancer drugs based on platinum group metal compounds.

Russian Scientists Patented New Tech – Magnetic Pulses to Combat Cancer Cells

Russian scientists at the Korolev Samara National Research University are working on using magnetic pulses to combat cancer cells and they have developed a prototype of the compact magnetic pulse unit. The unit works by allocating a certain level of tension, the magnetic field damages the cells, causing their death.

The Russian development allows you to point-attack malignant tumor cells, protecting healthy cells from the effects of the “scalpel.” It is meant to work on cancer cells at the micro level. According to the university representatives, the goal is to open a amalgamated facility where oncologists can collaborate with engineers doing further research.

Substantial Growth in Europe Nuclear Imaging Devices Market

Europe Nuclear Imaging Devices Market By Product (Single Photon-Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT), Hybrid Pet, Planar Scintigraphy), Application (Oncology, Cardiology, Neurology, Other Applications), End User (Hospitals, Imaging Centers, Academic & Research Centers, Other End Users), country (Germany, Italy, U.K., France, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Turkey, Russia, Rest of Europe) – Trends and Forecast to 2026.

Cancer Revival: The Therapies that Can Help

In recent years, the number of cancer patients has risen by a scary margin of 32%. The World Health Organization predicts that the number of cancer patients in the world will further rise to 22 million within the next decade.

Despite the best minds working on a total cure, cancer remains a major threat that cannot be destroyed by current medical technology. However, there are some types of cancer that are less aggressive and therefore could be controlled or cured by therapies and treatments, at least in their nascent stage.

Australian Sea Snails May Hold Key To Curing Colorectal Cancer

Research scientists have long known that cures for deadly diseases can be discovered in the humblest (and least likely) of places. After all, Penicillin came from moldy bread accidentally left in a petri dish over the weekend.

But, sea snails curing cancer? 

Apparently. It seems that the mucus produced by the White Rock Shell sea snail, common to the shores of Australia and New Zealand, contains chemicals found to be effective at fighting off colorectal cancer.

Rise in Cases Driving Global Cystoscope Market announces the publication of its most recently generated research report titled, “Global Cystoscope Market by Product Type (Rigid Cystoscope, Flexible Cystoscope), By End-User (Hospitals, Clinics, Ambulatory Surgical Centers), and by Region – Global Forecast to 2028”. It offers a holistic view of the Global Cystoscope Market through systematic segmentation that covers every aspect of the target market.

The Old-time ‘Snake Oil Salesman’ is Making a Comeback – Is the Internet to Blame?

We’ve all seen the Old West movies and TV shows in which a well dressed gentleman rides into town plying his wares and touting a “Miracle Cure” elixir guaranteed to relieve all health maladies. Invariably, the tincture is nothing more than cheap, watered-down whiskey mixed with something sugary to make the “medicine” go down easier. In the long run, the only benefit is a rip-roaring drunken night, followed by a massive hangover.

New Study: Excessively Eating of “Ultra-Processed Food” Increases the Risk of Early Death

The latest research in Spain found that more “ultra-processed foods” are worse than ordinary processed foods. As the intake increases, the risk of death increases. If you eat four servings a day, the mortality rate will be increased by more than 62%.  In addition to containing high fat, high salt, high sugar, and low dietary fiber, ultra-processed foods may also contain preservatives, causing health concerns.

New Study: Sugary Drinks May Raise Cancer Risk

French scientists say drinking sugary drinks such as juices and sodas may increase the risk of cancer. The results of the study were published in the British Medical Journal. The study tracked more than 100,000 people over five years. The research team at the Sorbonne-Western University in Paris speculated that sugary drinks may increase the risk of cancer because of blood sugar levels.

Scientists to Meet in UAE to Discuss Molecular Medicine Trends

The growth of the UAE diagnostic market can be attributed to the high prevalence of chronic and infectious diseases. WHO estimates of all deaths worldwide, chronic diseases account for approximately 60%. Chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and chronic respiratory diseases are responsible for 12%, 40%, 5%, and 5% of mortality in the United Arab Emirates.

Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Market to Witness Comprehensive Growth

The emergence of new type of cancer in the recent year have increase the research and development and clinical trials which create a huge opportunity for the oncology drug market to grow in the near future. Head and neck squamous cell carcinoma is the sixth leading cancer worldwide by incidence. Head and neck squamous cell carcinoma progresses from the mucosal membrane, comprising the paranasal sinuses and nasal cavity, the nasopharynx, the hypopharynx, larynx, and trachea, and the oropharynx and oral cavity.

Whole-Body Imaging Market to Witness Healthy Growth

Whole-body imaging is the accurate and fast modality for the detection of disease in the entire body. Whole-body imaging techniques widens the scope of vision in the biological function of the body. Whole-body imaging helps to track immune system cellular activity in real time.MR imaging improves the ability to identify the metastatic spread in the body and MR angiography helps in detecting peripheral vascular disease and carotid.

Exponential Growth Ahead for Cell Based Immunotherapy Market

Cell-Based Immunotherapy is a promising futuristic solution for the treatment of cancer. Cell-Based Immunotherapy is the alternative option replacing the chemotherapy for the treatment of cancer. Stem cells of the human body have the potential to cure a variety of diseases. Stem cells of the human body have the ability to replenish the specialized cell.

HM Pectin Dominates Citrus Pectin Demand, LM Pectin Sales Growing on the Back of No-Sugar Diet Trend

Global consumption of citrus pectin is expected to reach nearly 10,000 tonnes in 2018, a marginal rise of 400 tonnes over 2017, according to Fact.MR’s new study. Overall growth of the citrus pectin market can be attributed to;

  • Considerable demand for natural hydrocolloid emulsifiers in the food and beverage sector
  • Promising results regarding modified citrus pectin’s anti-cancer properties
  • FDA’s recent guidance on certain non-digestible carbohydrates including citrus fibers to be termed as dietary fibers

“A hefty demand for jams, jellies and confectioneries across world regions is set to boost demand for plant-based citrus pectin in F&B sector. While clean label further ensures sustainability of the citrus pectin market, citrus fibers’ categorization among dietary fiber by FDA further approves safe consumption of citrus pectin in different food products,” says senior analyst Sanjeevani at Fact.MR.